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  1. [quote name='Bacterius' timestamp='1335519433' post='4935334'] But why would you want to? You can read from an UAV. [/quote] I don't need to read a pixel value at a descrete location but rather to sample at a relative location (in the same manner TEXCOORD is used in VS and PS). Is it enough to unbind the SRVs and UAVs after each iteration or do I need to dispose them and create new ones each time?
  2. OK. What if I create 2 textures and I run my compute shader several times: First time texture#1 is passed as SRV, and texture#2 as UAV. Second time texture#1 is passed as UAV, and texture#2 as SRV. Third time texture#1 is passed as SRV, and texture#2 as UAV. and so on... every call the compute shader I switch the two texture roles. Will that work?
  3. BTW, my Texture was created with MipLevels = 1. I call [b]SampleLevel[/b][b] method [/b]with level=0 and I think I don't have to worry about mipmapping.
  4. So, what you're saying is that it is possible to load the same texture in twice as a UAV and SRV at the same time. Right?
  5. Hi, I have a 2D texture buffer that I use on a compute shader. I nead read access to it using [b]SampleLevel [/b]method and a write access to it. Since [b]SampleLevel[/b] is defined for Texture2D buffer and [b]not[/b] for RWTexture2D - using it as UAV only is not an option. Can I use the same texture as Unordered Access View and as Shader Resource Views simultaneously on the same compute shader? Thanks, Meir.
  6. Thanks. It's a good idea [img][/img]. I rendered to it and it works fine!
  7. Thanks for the prompt response. Is there a way to do that on the GPU. I'm creating the target texture with the following Texture Description (SlimDX / D3D11): [color=blue]var[/color] targetDesc = [color=blue]new[/color] [color=#2b91af]Texture2DDescription[/color] { BindFlags = [color=#2b91af]BindFlags[/color].RenderTarget | [color=#2b91af]BindFlags[/color].ShaderResource, Format = [color=#2b91af]Format[/color].B8G8R8A8_UNorm, Width = 500, Height = 500, MipLevels = 1, SampleDescription = [color=blue]new[/color] [color=#2b91af]SampleDescription[/color](1, 0), Usage = [color=#2b91af]ResourceUsage[/color].Default, OptionFlags = [color=#2b91af]ResourceOptionFlags[/color].Shared, CpuAccessFlags = [color=#2b91af]CpuAccessFlags[/color].None, ArraySize = 1, }; If I add UnorderedAccess to the BingFlags in the above description I get "invalid parameter" exception when creating the texture. So, I cannot create a UAV for target texture. With no UAV I cannot create a Compute Shader to do the work. Tx, Meir.
  8. Hello, I have two 2D texture resources with the same dimension (500 X 500). The first one with B32G32R32A32_Float format. The second with B8G8R8A8_UNorm and is used Render Target. I want to copy the first one to the second one with format conversion. My underline aim is to render the first texture by[list] [*]Copying it to the render view texture [*]Without using the graphics pipeline. [/list] It is possible? Is there another way of doing it? Tx, Meir.