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  1. Imagine for a moment that composite movie ratings (Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, whatever) were listed at theaters alongside the times. I bet the movie industry would raise hell about it. Curious that game developers simply accept it as part of life.
  2. "Additionally, beginning next academic year, undergraduate residence halls will stay open during the Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks. If you plan to stay in your room for these breaks, please notify the housing office in advance." That only took twenty years longer than it should've, JHU.
  3. There are so many good concerts coming this year...
  4. Observation: the reason ISPs don't want net neutrality is nothing to do with limiting access to small hosting. They have no interest in charging people to be served at the same speed as the big guys. They want the big guys (Netflix etc) to pay for being so big, to avoid being throttled. Not necessarily a good thing, but not precisely the scare story that net neutrality advocates are typically using.
  5. Trying to decide whether or not to go to Rob Zombie show in May...
  6. HSS Stratocaster into high gain amp = love
  7. She knows I have to leave :(
  8. I cannot begin to express my level of rage at the Apple dev tools and compiler chain.
  9. Who's on the boat??
  10. Kinda sucks that "clearly awesome" and "clearly too loud" are at the same setting of the volume dial on a guitar amp. Totally worth it though.
  11. Infamous and Watch Dogs aren't coming out until spring 2014. Honestly I might just go ahead and cancel my PS4 pre-order, because I can't think what I would actually play on the console if it shows up next month.
  12. Mustang drifting at free Drifting Show in Towson.
  13. Are any of you Baltimore based people planning to hold a Halloween party?
  14. Question: given a limited set of potential keys and an public key encrypted message, is it possible to determine which public key was used for the encryption?
  15. Brought home 2592 photos from the Grand Prix today, not to mention the two or three hundred I deleted in the field. This could take some time to sift through.
  16. I wish digital cameras would have PAISM instead of PASM modes. The I setting would allow manual and shutter, but allow floating auto-ISO. (Many can do this but it's combined with M and that's annoying.)
  17. Paraphrased conversation today after unexpected phone call to John Krakauer. Me: Hey Kat, did you hear? Pixar is going to visit us! Kat Mac: Wait, really? Cool! Me: In twenty minutes! Kat: ... What. Followed by emergency preparations. So yeah, had four Pixar people in the office today and demoed our work to them. They liked it! It has been an interesting day.
  18. "YOU DON'T BUY AN AMP FOR IT'S DISTORTION. You buy a pedal for that like every other rock or metal guitarist does." Said someone reviewing a Fender amp who clearly doesn't know anything about rock, metal, or distortion.
  19. Wow, Maryland driver's licenses are hideous. I kinda miss my PA card.
  20. "Fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity," Mattrick said. "It's called Xbox 360."
  21. Sony just announced that the PS4 will launch at $399, undercutting the Xbox One by a full $100. OUCH.
  22. This Marshall amp has four channels and one shared EQ for ALL of them. Who thought that was a good idea?
  23. The MS VP responsible for games is Phil Harrison, and he's the top guy for Xbox One. Some of you may remember him; he was a top guy at Sony when they launched the PS3. Things are starting to make sense.
  24. Well, credit card got stolen. Pretty sure last week's Linode security breach was the source.
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