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  1. What Language Do I Use?

    First of all Java has seen significant changes in speed and can you may want to add that Java is not just as fast or even faster than C and the like in certain application do to its memory management. Programming languages are somthing that is a bit of a personal preference. I can do everything C can do in java by writing wrappers for my C functions (OpenGL with the LWJGL anybody?). Not to mention with Javas high level of abstraction it makes it exceptional at developing aspects of a game. While I do agree that the language you choose should be based I your needs to an extent, it must also be remembered that games are little more than expressions of the people that make them. Say I HAVE to use C++ to write a game like Forza is a tad arrogant. While I do agree that if you are going to write a major application like Forza you should at least write things like the physics engine in C++ that doesn't mean the entire application has to be written in C++.
  2. Design Doc Question

    How much should I discus with my staff?
  3. Design Doc Question

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but I am writing this design doc about a zombie survival game I wish to produce. However, I am at about 1,000 words and I am still writing the way I want the game to feel and how the player moves when walking, driving, and interacting with objects in game. How detailed is too detail? I don't want to box my staff in with too much detail but at the same time I don't want to have features that feel half done or a game that doesn't make you feel like you are actually in the game. I'm trying to leave it open enough to let them interpret it in a way that they leave a bit of them in the game but micro manage it so it is just right. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but whenever I work in groups I always end up micromanaging and taking most of the responsibility. I realize this isn't how I should do long term projects.
  4. What do you want?

    It's helpful, If I am reading it right it tells me you want to see some sort of a technological development throughout the progression of the game.
  5. What do you want?

    So I'm a 2d Graphics artist. And I would like to produce a game. (Go Figure) This game that nothing more than a concept, has the idea of an open world, persistent zombie survival. And seeing how this is nothing more than a concept. From a conceptual point, Would would you like to see from a zombie game that you just don't get in today's big name games? 2d artist and their concepts.... you gotta love'm!