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  1. We'll be making the iphone version of the game $1 later today so if you haven't downloaded it already be sure to get it before than for free
  2. A few friends and I are working on a free puzzle game called Spinpossible ([url="http://www.spinpossible.com"]www.spinpossible.com[/url]). It's our first game and we want to announce new versions for iPhone, Android and web. We’d love to get feedback and/or ideas for how to improve the game, suggestions for puzzles or game modes, comments on the art and sound, comments on difficulty and level progression, etc. The puzzles are simple but can be mindbendingly difficult. You play by spinning groups of numbered tiles (see screenshots below), the goal being to arrange the tiles in order, 1 through 9, using the minimum number of spins. There are 4 modes of play:[list=1] [*][b]Puzzle [/b]- we've designed more than 100 puzzles of increasing difficulty [*][b]Arcade [/b]- solve puzzles while racing against the clock [*][b]Random [/b]- play unlimited random puzzles of any difficulty [*][b]Multiplayer [/b]- challenge your friends or play rated quickmatches against other players [/list] Here are links to each version. You don't need an account or anything to try it, but if you create one then you can sync your progress across all devices. iPhone & iPad (free) [url="http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spinpossible/id508679690"]http://itunes.apple....ble/id508679690[/url] Android (free) [url="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.spinpossible.Spinpossible"]https://play.google....le.Spinpossible[/url] Online with flash (free) [url="http://www.spinpossible.com"]www.spinpossible.com[/url] The few people we've shown so far really like it. Please let us know what you think! We really welcome any suggestions or comments on how to improve the game and would otherwise like to know what elements are enjoyable. Any 5 star ratings/reviews would be super, but if you would rate it one star I'd appreciate it if you could post here first with why so that we can fix it asap. Also, if anyone has suggestions on how to go about promoting and distributing the game we’d greatly benefit from your advice. Thanks to everyone who checks us out! [img]https://s3.amazonaws.com/spinpossible_media/Screenshot_collage-2x3.png[/img]