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    First try at making a trailer

    Hmm.. What part looks choppy? The game was running at ~50fps with the capture on, so maybe it was just in the video conversion? Edit: I think I see what you mean in the level shots. That was captured at 60fps, so I think it was just how I animated the camera. I will have to be more careful with that in the future. Thanks!
  2. Cyberdogs7

    First try at making a trailer

    I made a trailer for my game, M.A.V., and I would love some honest feedback on it. I tried to go for something exciting and a little fast paced, but I am new to this so any feedback you have would be great! Trailer is here
  3. Total Annihilation did this WAY back in the day. Units would leave behind block scrap heaps, which could be harvested back (for metal, one of the 2 resources).  With additional fire, the scrap heaps would crumble, clearing the way, but also reducing the salvage value. I still consider Total Annihilation the best RTS ever, and I liked the scrap heaps as it gave the winner of a battle the spoils (if you took the time to collect them).
  4. I think you would end up flooding the market with secondary cards that are discards from the 'collectors' and your $30 main pack would end up looking really over priced. To prevent this the boosters would need to contain cards not found in the main pack. I think it would be a hard thing to sell, considering the 'collectible' cards in a normal CCG are collectible because of their power, not because of the rarity or artwork (though rarity is a side effect built into the design).
  5. Cyberdogs7

    Space game ideas

    This game has been made before and it was every bit as awesome as you think it would be. Star Control 2. That should answer all your questions.
  6. Hey, I recently got into a conversation with someone about how there are no good resources for learning the ins and outs of game animation at a higher level then just playing single shot animations. Through the conversation, they convinced me I should do a blog series answering questions and explaining some of the concepts. So, I wrote up the first entry. (It's here if you want to read it) About me: I have been a professional game developer for 5 years now, all centered around animation (Lead/Senior Technical Animator). I am currently tackling making my own indie game as well. I would love to here about what people would like to learn about, concepts I should cover, any feedback in general. I had quite the time trying to figure out what level to start the series with, so any ideas you have on what you want to know would help me out a ton.
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