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  1. 3 Hour Game Jam - Rain of Destruction | Team Raging - redactedprofile: Just Released a Game for the... http://t.co/y27XbFkMe6
  2. 3 Hour Game Jam - Rain of Destruction | Team Raging - Just Released a Game for the #3HourGameJam with the... http://t.co/Jzw9A0UTnN
  3. RT @TeamRaging: 2.5h Mark + Unique, Assignable AI + Game Event Pump + Enemies Polarity + Polarity Sensitive Collision #3hGJ http://t.co/V…
  4. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/yKA4GTZk8E The Chronicles of Chris-chan: CONFIRMED FOR BRAWL [8/16/09]
  5. Photoset: fantomeheart: justin-john: wtfhistory: theshewomanboyhatersclub: jesuisuneetoile: THIS IS... http://t.co/FXTP3gNcvd
  6. Also the Browser typically is set to remember this kind of stuff. AutoFill it's called. The server can onyl know who you are based on Session/Cookie/IP   typically Cookies though. Those are handled on the Server Side mostly, though some Javascript libraries let you store non-permanent cookies
  7. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/yEcS3H18Xe "TWILIGHT III" — A Bad Lip Reading of The Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE
  8. Just finished off Season 5 That finale... Wow..
  9. I've got nuthin...
  10. Nothing beats the energizing feeling of seeing your game grow up and be playable
  11. Something i continue to not understand: Stores across the country that provide genuine affordable services and products are constantly empty and closing down But the Apple store, is always jam packed, exploding out the doorway Filled only with ridiclously priced objects of .. Im not sure. Each time I see this, i walk in expecting to find some kind of insane sale or event, but nope.. Its just a bunch of lower middle class paycheck by paycheckers poking and prodding iPads and iMacs. I us...
  12. Photoset: New addition to the family http://t.co/dqiAzoNlqA
  13. Unmasked: The world's first clear look at Amazon's smartphone - Amazon is still more than a month away from... http://t.co/lwOyB7O1Of
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