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  1. Hello! I'm a hobby developer as well and I'd love to work with you in the audio department! I'm relatively new to music for games but I'm an amateur musician and have been producing recorded music for a bit. I'm not super talented in the art department but in a pinch I can do some art. I've also worked on small game projects before as a developer and could help out in development if necessary (but I'm no professional developer). I'd love to help out on your game and if you're interested in working together just shoot me a message and I'll get you my contact information!  Thanks, Pixeltasim
  2. pixeltasim

    WildStar CREDD System Explained

    I can't like this on the principle that the author didn't do their research and learn about PLEX. I'd be interested in another article comparing the systems and their success however. 
  3. pixeltasim

    The 4Ps of Marketing

  4. pixeltasim

    Creating the Financial Model for your Company Part I

    Very interesting, I feel like I learned a lot about mobile financials! I think the article could have been clearer that this is about the financials of a free mobile app company, as opposed to implying with the title that it covers everything. 
  5. pixeltasim

    5 Core Elements of Interactive Storytelling

    I think Bastion really embodies most of this, you are almost always playing, that playing never get's repetitive (you may have an optimal loadout but upgrades and new enemies always keep it fresh), and you are very core to the plot of the game. That's definitely one of my top 5 games.
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