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  1. meh


    Compared with most consoles though the DS and GBA are a complete joy to develop on. At least thats my experience.
  2. meh


    Quote:Original post by Scet Use the DMA or whatever the hell it's called. Make a bunch of arrays containing your seizure pixels and have the hardware copy it from ROM to video memory. Better than a pixel-by-pixel loop, yuck. Or just edit a palette entry.
  3. meh

    Fastest company in the west

    Personally I'd run away from any person running a company that screwed me out of an entire months wages and then can setup a new one immediately and still offer to pay me! A big fat plus-one to everything Simon has said.
  4. meh

    The Team

    Good to see you guys on Gamedev! Dunno if I actually spoke to you guys at the Degree Show thing (was swanning about in jeans and a black w/khaki spots shirt). I took part in Dare in 2004 so know how good it feels to get in etc. A few guys from Realtime will be acting as mentors (not me alas as I put my name forward too late).
  5. Me either. :D My housemate does though, although I keep forgetting to sign myself in, hence the complete lack of score. :( Or was that sarcasm.
  6. Over the past week and a half I've been working on Combat Systems although I've been involved with the design elements for the past two months. Today I finished the ground work and over the last hour began implementing test weaponry. A semi-auto pistol that I already had as a test of the system, a pump-action shotgun, machine-pistol and a semi-auto/burst-fire rifle. It's exciting because each of these involved adding new code to support the fire mode but the majority is running from the systems already in place. At twenty minutes to add a new fire mode and create a test weapon to demonstrate it I like to think it works okay. It's just nice to see the culmination of a few months work come together. Other than that BBC Radio 1 have taken over Dundee for the weekend so I'm going to avoid the city centre as much as humanly possible.
  7. APB Website It's looking most lovely, lots of concept art on show if you like that sort of thing. Edit: I just spent the last 45 minutes playing our E3 build of our other project Crackdown. Look out for it, much, much, much fun! It's the first time I've played it since I joined Realtime and its very exciting to see it coming to fruit.
  8. Well my second dual core work machine has arrived and I now have everything nicely linked together using Synergy. Still in the midst of setting it up the way I want but it should really make network tests (about 90% of the testing I do for my development) easier. Running four clients and the server on one machine was no fun at all. Edit: Fixed link.
  9. meh


    Play the hand you're dealt. Don't sweat it.
  10. Indeed hopefully the same will be true of Sunday.
  11. To say I'm currently sat loving the first sun of 2006. Wif-fi, laptop and beer in the sun on my balcony. Top notch!:D
  12. Yeah so I've been a touch lax with updating my journal lately. Work's been super busy finishing up the deiverables for our latest milestone, no overtime as yet but I'm sure that will come this quarter as we hot up on pre-production. So new things: - Got a new laptop so I have connectivity at home again! This is partly why I should be posting a little more regularly again. It's nothing special but should suit my needs well. - Passed my three month appraisal without any major problems and even some praise for my ability to pick up the intricacies of the Unreal Engine. So work wise what have I been up to? Pretty much continuing with requirements documentation for a variety of systems including combat and vehicles. I'm not used to having to think about systems in abstract terms so it's been pretty tricky to come up with requirements when my brain is geared towards providing solutions. It's a good practice though as you pick up things you missed and generally come up with more suitable ideas as part of the process. Other than that I've been involved in some cross-discipline working groups essentially nailing down the design and identifying any areas that could cause trouble. This is particularly good as it gives more exposure to everyone involved about the entire project. In short it brings ideas along fast. We are about to enter another new area of development for me as we now have a Gameplay Lead. With someone who has time to give the group some direction we are beginning a phase of 'agile' development to expose some of the core gameplay components. This should hopefully be more engaging than the endless document writing as well as showing us where we need to go in terms of design. We expect to be refactoring some of what we produce and just stubbing out a lot of the rest of it for future use. Hopefully none of the code will be throw away so here begins the proper development of the final product. Only a couple of years to go! In other news our companies other game Crackdown should be showing at E3 this year so keep an eye out for it as it looks something special. The GFX guys finally got the full vistas into the game and blimey does it look good. Life wise I'm ticking along, looking at a car to buy in the summer now my work is more secure. I'm back writing schlocky zombie fiction and getting enthusiasm to start a project in my own time. Not a clue what yet though!
  13. meh

    Space combat prototype - phase 4

    ZOMG YOU NOOB PROGRAMMER!!111 [wink] I tend to ignore a lot of things the great unwashed masses come out with regards games and particularly their construction. I spend a lot of time on forums related to other activities I take part in and would probably die from frustration at some of the inane rubbish people come out with about videogames. *deep cleansing breaths*
  14. meh

    Sick :/

    With your verifier example you would begin to get false positives with a really high network latency. Probably isn't an issue given that high lantency makes most games unplayable anyway. Essentially as much work as possible should be done on the server including sanity checking clients inputs. The client should only be given enough data to draw and if necessary predict the game-world. Obviously there are trade-offs.
  15. meh

    Random update: Part pi

    SourceSafe. *runs and hides* Sounds like you're having fun and I can only echo the comments from ukdm. I'm finding it rare I do my own projects now. :(
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