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  1. Vertex format problem

    Hmm, actually this work and the program works fast. Because I was think such of loop will slow it down and that's way I was searching for some tricks. Anyway thanks for the advice.
  2. Vertex format problem

    Lol here what I'll read this summer about - [left][background=rgb(250, 251, 252)]shading. But for now here is what I do: I use a block of structures to store the vertex from the file and then I put it into the vertex buffer. Here is the code:[/background][/left] [CODE] //The structure where I store the vertex struct CUSTOMVERTEX { CUSTOMVERTEX(); FLOAT X, Z, Y; FLOAT U, V, U1, V1; DWORD COLOR, COLOR1, COLOR2; }; //The vertex format declaration D3DVERTEXELEMENT9 dwDecl3[] = { {0, 0, D3DDECLTYPE_FLOAT3, D3DDECLMETHOD_DEFAULT, D3DDECLUSAGE_POSITION, 0}, {0, 12, D3DDECLTYPE_FLOAT2, D3DDECLMETHOD_DEFAULT, D3DDECLUSAGE_TEXCOORD, 0}, {0, 20, D3DDECLTYPE_FLOAT2, D3DDECLMETHOD_DEFAULT, D3DDECLUSAGE_TEXCOORD, 1}, {0, 28, D3DDECLTYPE_D3DCOLOR, D3DDECLMETHOD_DEFAULT, D3DDECLUSAGE_FOG, 0}, {0, 32, D3DDECLTYPE_D3DCOLOR, D3DDECLMETHOD_DEFAULT, D3DDECLUSAGE_COLOR, 1}, {0, 36, D3DDECLTYPE_D3DCOLOR, D3DDECLMETHOD_DEFAULT, D3DDECLUSAGE_COLOR, 0}, D3DDECL_END() }; //The function creating the vertex buffer void Room::CreateBuffers(unsigned long ptr, Map* BaseClass) { //Some code........ CUSTOMVERTEX* vertex; vertex=new CUSTOMVERTEX[NumVertices]; GetF(0, ptr+56+BaseClass->MapOffset, sizeof(CUSTOMVERTEX)*NumVertices, &vertex[0]); //Load the vertex positions from the file //Create the buffer d3ddev->CreateVertexBuffer(NumVertices*sizeof(CUSTOMVERTEX), 0, 0, D3DPOOL_MANAGED, &v_buffer, NULL); VOID* pVoid; // a void pointer // lock t_buffer and load the vertices into it if(v_buffer) { v_buffer->Lock(0, 0, (void**)&pVoid, 0); memcpy(pVoid, vertex, NumVertices*sizeof(CUSTOMVERTEX)); v_buffer->Unlock(); delete[] vertex; } else vertex=NULL; d3ddev->SetStreamSource(0, v_buffer, 0, sizeof(CUSTOMVERTEX)); } [/CODE] Any advice about this code. And I can't change the format because I don't made it - it's from a game.
  3. Vertex format problem

    What is this [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=3][left][background=rgb(250, 251, 252)]swizzle - I mean can you give me an [b]example[/b] with a [b]function call[/b]?[/background][/left][/size][/font][/color] [quote name='kauna' timestamp='1335977908' post='4936817'] Best regards! [/quote] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=3][left][background=rgb(250, 251, 252)]Thanks![/background][/left][/size][/font][/color]
  4. [color=#434343][font=helvetica, arial, verdana,]I read a memory block of [/font][/color][b]vertex positions[/b][color=#434343][font=helvetica, arial, verdana,] from an file but they're in this sequance [/font][/color][b]X Z Y[/b][color=#434343][font=helvetica, arial, verdana,] and the FVF format is D3DFVF_[/font][/color][b]XYZ[/b][color=#434343][font=helvetica, arial, verdana,] - what vertex format to use to fix this problem or maybe changing the coordinate axes?[/font][/color]