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  1. Allegro *5* tutorials

    Thanks a lot for having a look, but I know how to do everything in the first one. There's only so much you can learn from the documentation and the last one is on allegro 4. I'm looking for tutorials that tell you /what/ to do rather than how. Again, thanks for looking.
  2. Allegro *5* tutorials

    Hi guys, I've been searching for allegro 5 tutorials but have only managed to find one, fixbyproximity. Does anyone know of any others? I've googled for them but those are all i've found. I'm looking for some intermediate level ones. If anyone could find any for me I'd appreciate it.
  3. I want to learn.

    I wouldn't say c# is easier. I actually find it harder to understand than c++.
  4. My state doesn't work

    Try using a constructor rather than an init function.
  5. 2D Random Terrain Generation

    I'd be quite interested in that more in depth article you spoke of
  6. Game Programmer Liverpool UK Area

    Should probably be in the classifieds section.
  7. simple c++ bool question

    By the way op, rather than writing: if (someBool == true) or if (someBool == false), you can do: if (someBool) or if (!someBool)
  8. simple c++ bool question

    while(showGameMenu) { // stuff }
  9. Simple question

    I think release uses different .lib files to debug so you need to add those rather than the debug ones
  10. Tilemap Editor - Nothing Happening

    Both, it takes a while to register that there's been input and when it does it skips.
  11. Mario Bros

    Why don't you make an isometric mario?
  12. How much c++ do you actually know? Have you made any games before?
  13. Well I'm learning to use allegro with c++, and I use Evernote. What I do is make a sections about a specific feature like displays, events, input etc and just go over it when I need to add it to a project.
  14. How do you start your own game project.

    Have a look at this: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/16650/game-asset-website-list-free-and-paid-textures-mod.html
  15. Just check that the left edge of the object is more right than the left edge of the wall, the right edge of the object is more left than the right edge of the wall, the upper edge of the Object is lower than the upper edge of the wall and the lower edge of the object is higher than the lower edge of the wall.
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