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  1. Help with Feat display

    Hi all, I was hoping you could throw some ideas at me. I'm a solo developer creating a fantasy-based RPG as a hobby. I've basically zero art skills. I'm coding in WPF, so I have access to many inbuilt elements, such as shapes (rectangles, circles etc), as well as buttons etc etc. I'm trying to design a form where the user gets to view and buy feats. I need to display 2 main elements;[list] [*]"forest" selectors [*]feat "trees" (in the selected forest) [/list] Call it group and sub-group if you wish. [attachment=8667:featsample.png] In this sample the forest are Ability Scores, Combat, Misc and Magic. Later there will be more. Ability Scores is the selected Forest. For each AS there's a feat tree, each with 3 feats. The tooltip for Fitness +60 is being shown (but screen capture has hidden the mouse cursor). Given my tool set (geometric shapes and buttons), how would you go about improving this form? thanks! JustAnotherRPG
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