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  1. asymmetryg

    Creature Stumble

    Creature Stumble has been released on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/creature-stumble/id673694135
  2. asymmetryg

    Creature Stumble

    The creatures will not attack, but it will get harder and harder to hit them.
  3. asymmetryg

    Creature Stumble

    There is a ball and there are creatures. Hit the creatures with the ball.   Creature Stumble - a casual arcade game using elements from pinball and arkanoid style games, the aim is to hit all the creatures.   - Features unique hand drawn graphics combined with procedurally modified styling. - Physics based gameplay. - Four chapters with 160 levels.   Coming soon for iPhone, iPad and Android.   Trailer:   Web: http://asymmetrygames.com/creaturestumble.html  
  4. asymmetryg

    Creature Bubbles - Android Game

    There is a new update on Google Play: - fixed the sound not stopping issue - added some gameplay improvements
  5. asymmetryg

    Creature Bubbles - Android Game

    Hi, sorry about having to force close. You can always stop the music from the game menu, or exit the game by pressing the back key. We'll make an update soon to take care of this issue.
  6. Shoot and match the creature bubbles. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.asymmetry.creaturebubbles
  7. [color=#989898]Creature Blocks [color=#989898]Prepare, aim and sling! The creatures are everywhere, surrounded by blocks, climbing walls and hanging upside down. Throw the ball to hit them, break the blocks, explode bombs, use teleporters and special powerups. Find the perfect angle to bounce the ball as long as possible for maximum points. Get it back on the sling for another shot. Features physics based gameplay, fast-paced and balanced for accuracy. Contains three chapters with 64 levels. http://asymmetrygames.com/creatureblocks.html
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