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  1. I fixed the problem! It seems that when you don't add U/V parameters to the AddVertex command, and the texture is supposed to fill in completely precisely, veeery bad things happen. D:
  2. I have a problem about textures in Blitz3D. I've made this code: [CODE] gfxMap=LoadImage("gfx\map\politics.png") texMap=LoadTexture("gfx\map\politics.png") mshMap=CreateMesh() srfMap=CreateSurface(mshMap) vMap0=AddVertex(srfMap,(ImageWidth(gfxMap) / 2) - ImageWidth(gfxMap),0,(ImageHeight(gfxMap) / 2) - ImageHeight(gfxMap)) vMap1=AddVertex(srfMap,(ImageWidth(gfxMap) / 2) - ImageWidth(gfxMap),0,ImageHeight(gfxMap) / 2) vMap2=AddVertex(srfMap,ImageWidth(gfxMap) / 2,0,(ImageHeight(gfxMap) / 2) - ImageHeight(gfxMap)) vMap3=AddVertex(srfMap,ImageWidth(gfxMap) / 2,0,ImageHeight(gfxMap) / 2) tMap0=AddTriangle(srfMap,vMap0,vMap1,vMap2) tMap1=AddTriangle(srfMap,vMap1,vMap2,vMap3) PositionEntity(mshMap,0,0,0) brsMap=CreateBrush() BrushTexture brsMap,texMap PaintMesh mshMap,brsMap camMain = CreateCamera() PositionEntity(camMain,0,100,0) RotateEntity(camMain,90,0,0) lgtMap = CreateLight() MoveEntity lgtMap,0,100,0 PointEntity lgtMap,mshMap [/CODE] It takes an image from the [i]gfx\map[/i] directory, called [i]politics.png.[/i] The image is exactly 1357x628 in size. The next part of the code generates a mesh, which consists of a single surface, which consist of two triangles, which toghether make out the exact same size and shape of [i]politics.png[/i]. Then I make a brush textured with [i]politics.png[/i] and paint the mesh with it. The rest explains itself I think, but the problem is that when I debug the code, the following show up: [img]http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/5904/screenshothwd.png[/img] It seem to show one of the triangles as a blue face. And when I position the camera below the surface, I can see that the other triangle is also blue, but the first is black! i.e. first triangle is blue on the top and black on the bottom, second black on the top and blue on the bottom! :S I cannot figure out what is wrong. I also tried to comment the CreateBrush, and BrushTexture lines out, and replace PaintMesh with EntityTexture; but that gave me the same result. :S It's supposed to just fill the [i]politics.png [/i]in the flat box formed by the two triangles. :S Plz tell me what is wrong... :S :S :S