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    Project i'm working on let me know your thoughts

    Well i've added peaks of difficulty to the game pillars of red blocks will be generated ever so often if you do not shoot the red pillars or dodge them and one hits you it's game over.   [attachment=29203:Screenshot from 2015-09-25 12:53:59.png]
  2. GameDeveloper933

    Need Help With First Android Game Please :)

    So here is my timer for helping creating burst of difficulty still needs work but i think its progress  Timer timer = new Timer(); //Burst timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(new TimerTask() { @Override public void run() { int r = new Random().nextInt(70); //Draw our Blocks if(r == 0 & distance < 650000) { for (int i = 0; i < new Random().nextInt(16)+1; i++) { block = new BlueBlock(context, screenX, screenY); blocks.add(block); } } } }, 2 * 30 * 1000, 2 * 30 * 1000);
  3. GameDeveloper933

    Need Help With First Android Game Please :)

      Thanks for all the helpful code and info i'll start working on organizing all spawning logic in the blocks class and work in your other advice as well. Thanks again. Hopefully I won't need any more help but if I do i'll ask you
  4. So idk if it's due to poor planning or setup of my game but basically so you can get an idea below is a game screenshot.      [attachment=29188:game2.png]   If you look the game doesn't look to bad how ever just drawing random blocks on the screen where it never gets any more easy or difficult can get boring fast my prob is I set up the block for loop in the constructor so this only runs one time so if i change the block number later on in the code it doesn't seem to change the amount of blocks getting updated in the game. My idea was to do some type of random draw in the update method of the view to update the block count but like i said it never changes in the game. Do i need to move the block generation somewhere else outside the constructor ?   here is the constructor  /** * Our BvSView constructor * this will handle setting up our * bird,drawing,and our random stars/blocks * @param context * @param x * @param y */ public BvSView(final Context context, int x, int y) { super(context); screenX = x; screenY = y; //Setup drawing paint = new Paint(); surHolder = getHolder(); //Setup player bird = new Player(context,x,y); //Init GameStats gs = new GameStats(); //Set our distance to home gs.setNewDistance(700000); //Set star and block count int dNum = 400;//Number of stars that will get generated b = 5;//Number of blocks distance = (int) gs.getDistance(); score = gs.getScore(); health = gs.getHealth(); /** * Lets do some fancy stuff * and generated 1000 random stars * moving at different random speeds * this helps give the illusion * of our bird moving through space */ for(int i = 0; i < dNum; i++) { FunDebris debrisSpecs = new FunDebris(x,y); debrisList.add(debrisSpecs); } //THE BLOCK GENERATION for(int i = 0; i < b; i++) { block = new Blocks(context,screenX,screenY); blocks.add(block); } }
  5. GameDeveloper933

    Project i'm working on let me know your thoughts

    Thanks for the incredible feedback :) I'd love to hear your ideas on the spawning the one issue I have had is where some times it does put the player in a possible situation where he does have to take damage. Any ideas on the best spawning algorithm i'd love to here it :) right now this is all i'm using for spawning if(x < minX-eR1.getWidth()) { Random generator = new Random(); speed = generator.nextInt(30)+13;; x = maxX - eR1.getWidth(); y = generator.nextInt(maxY) - eR1.getHeight(); } basically maxX is the screens width and maxY is the screens height this is the first game i've ever had to do very random spawning of game objects. As for your other ideas i'll be implementing each one into the game I had a hard time myself coming up with ways to make the game fun and yet very challenging at the same time so thanks again :)
  6. Below is the current project i'm working on for android tablets. Here is a little a bit about the game...   1)The goal is for your bird to travel 700,000 KM in space to reach it's home 2)You must dodge the space debris(Aka the blocks) which are randomly generated 3)Your score continues to increase as you fly however getting hit by a block decreases health by 20 and the score by 500 4) You can shoot blocks using bird ammo gaining score points of 50 each block u hit 5)This game contains randomly generated stars that move at different speeds this gives you the feel of traveling through space 6) The player will be able to choose how many blocks gets generated at start up being 4-12 7) Health will slowly decrease ever so often unless you eat a randomly generated space worm      [attachment=29177:game2.png]   I have worked on the for about a week so far so just let me know your thoughts thanks :)
  7. GameDeveloper933

    Programming questions

      I second the above code::blocks is really easy to use and setup
  8. Hey everyone :) I am new to game programming and need advice on what is the best way to learn c++/allegro together as one. Reason i say i would like to learn both together is because i find it easier to not have to learn 2 seperate things. I do have background in programming with over 6 years programming in web based languages such as PHP,JAVASCRIPT etc.. so any advice would help thanks.
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