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  1. Pygame Help?

    Okay.. I am fairly new to pygame and I am having some serious issues. My goal is to create a game with an instruction screen that comes up upon game start and when the user clicks or pushes a button, it starts the game. Then when the user loses the game, it returns to the instruction screen. How can I do this? Here is what I have so far in this paste bin. http://pastebin.com/cf5V4ExQ The particular problem I am having is.. the turret which is in the bottom left hand corner.. is disfigured for what ever reason. When the user uses an arrow key, it is suppose to turn the turret. Also the program seems to be giving me this error. line 77, in rotate self.image = pygame.transform.rotate(self.image, self.dir) error: Out of memory no idea why this is happening. Someone please give me some guidance.. I hate being stumped. I was stumped on this for about 6 hours the other night. here is also a picture, look at the turret in the bottom left hand corner. It seems really messed up
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