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    Planetary engine, part IV ( volumetric fog/haze )

    Like Tamat said, consider rendering the underwater terrain patches anyway, and making the sea more transparent. The best looking seas from high altitudes are the ones where you can see the depth of the ocean change. Combine that with your blue to green colour shift at varying sea depths, you'll end up making your sea look far less repitive and much more visually stunning. The fog looks stunning btw! Nice work.
  2. Hybrid

    Over 100,000 journal views..

    ... and the post about the 100,000th view doesn't even get a cool screenshot!?! boo! hiss! haha, j/k. Keep up the great work.
  3. Hybrid

    Combat prototype 0.4.e

    It's nothing short of STUNNING! I had my doubts about the ships, as after reading infinity's forums I felt like it had become a free for all for the ship designs, and anyone (good or bad) could submit a design. Therefore, ending up with ships that dont suit the style or seem out of place... not to mention varying difference's in modelling quality. Needs a lead modeller sort of role for someone to guide all the contributor's work. ... but then looking at these screens, the ships so far suit the game well and are arguably better than a lot of the high budget space sims out there. Nice work!!
  4. Hybrid

    Terrain integration, step 1

    Truly stunning work. I love all the shots where other planets dip behind the horizon and atmosphere of the foreground planet. Beautiful.
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