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  1. Hello there! My site yesterday was a victim of a DrDOS attack for some odd reason. They were attacking from the port 80 up until i blocked it. Same for the http. Blocking that port, my whole website becomes off line. My game servers were also attacked but they are up and running but very slow. What can be done to protect my VPS and my game servers from getting "hacked" like this? Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.
  2. Design Doc Question

    Very nice suggestions guys!
  3. [quote name='sunandshadow' timestamp='1335477001' post='4935227'] Have you played Game Dev Story as research already? [url="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.kairosoft.android.gamedev3en&hl=en"]https://play.google....amedev3en&hl=en[/url] [/quote] Game looks soo fun
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