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  1. Game Engine from Scratch...Why?

    If you are coding the engine simply because thats what you want to do... then awesome, do that. For everything else though, I'd say that re-writing code that already exists is a huge waste of time, I re-use as much code as possible at all times (whether its personal, or sourced from public).
  2. running server for browser mmorts in php or c++

    You can most definitely run your custom executable on a hosted server. You would either rent a shell (allows you your own restricted portion of the server), or you would more likely simply rent a co-located box, meanining you rent the whole server itself for like $100-200 a month, in which case you can do whatever the heck you want on it. I dont want to be discouraging at all, I wish you the best of luck, but if you arent aware of these rather simple concepts, I think you might want to work on the basicssome more before tackling an MMO.