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  1. I started writing about game mechanics. I want to analyze games more than I just play them. http://t.co/ToeR2ZO9cU Share it if you like it!
  2. Blek looks pretty crazy. Check @KunabiB's game out
  3. Apparently I can't gift my extra humble bundle steam games... WTF
  4. This is another reason @riotgames is one of my favorite game companies of all time http://t.co/sDenzWnld1
  5. My experience with C++ is pretty limited but I think I might be able to help here.   It looks like you are calling the randRange function before entering the if statement, and you are assuming that the result is stored in a variable that is called randRange. What you need to do is either store the return value of the function call into a variable, or just call the function within the if statement. I prefer the latter, and here's a small example: if (randRange(1, 10) >= 5) { // do stuff here } That should solve your current problem.
  6. A big problem with a lot of games, especially when cross-platform, is handling screen sizes. With pixel art, scaling up isn't as much of an issue with some other forms of art because you are working with individual pixels and making a single pixel bigger isn't difficult. Scaling down is sometimes a different issue.   It sounds like GameMaker doesn't handle this well, so what I would recommend is trying your hand at coding the game yourself or trying a more robust engine. Unity comes to mind of course, and it can handle scaling very well. You will also have the capability of testing any screen size you want while making the game so you know what your issues are immediately.   If you want to go the coding route, of course it will be more work, but you will absolutely learn more and have more control over your game. You might consider starting with something like Haxe for the many platforms it can target. You'll also get a lot of programming experience and have quite a bit of control using Unity and writing up all your own scripts.   Best of luck, and I hope I helped at least a little bit.
  7. Generally the larger frameworks won't work well with others. Like someone already said, OpenGL and DirectX won't work well together.    First, you'll want to choose a framework to start with, probably something OpenGL or DirectX based, like SFML and others. Once you know which of those you will use, you can find solutions to particular problems. For example, if you want a way to create a menu in a certain way, it would be better to search for a way to do it in your framework and possibly find some open source code out there that does what you need.    Better to stick with one and learn the ins and outs to get what you need done.
  8. RT @mikeBithell: so, the PS Vita TV looks increasingly rad, eh?
  9. Hey @JSmith_OTI and @NorthernlionLP I hope you realize that you both made a Michael Jackson joke in your videos... well played
  10. There is this guy @EdmundMcMillenn who is brilliant. I hope to have half his talent someday. Inspiring really
  11. Just uploaded my next video for Let's Play TowerClimb. I'm so excite! http://t.co/Eou6Y29d
  12. #AskSP Boxers or briefs? I'm definitely a boxers man. Gotta let em breath