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  1. Hello. I am curious, how should i handle my actions in game. I am making a 2D Rpg. I am not sure what to search as tutorial vise. Basically i have a "Player" and if he uses lets say button "a" (which is attack) i will run animation swing sword, but my problem starts here how do i check that something is supposed to get hit? collision detection?. And interacting with NPC. W(is talk button / interact) i wanna make it realistic and he should be facing the NPC and be close, only then he can start the conversation, again should i detect if hes "calculate where the NPC facing position is" and check for that, or how do people usually make it. any help is appreciated. RPG = Role Playing Game NPC = Non Player Character
  2. Hello. Im doing a 2d tiled based rpg. i was fine with per loop movment, but then i had to add a animation to all that, and it dosent look fluent. So i went exploring and found that i need to find delta time and som other stuff. So basicly this is my game: int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { while(On) { FPSTimer = SDL_GetTicks(); LastTime = CurentTime; CurrentTime = SDL_GetTicks(); SpeedFactor = (CurrentTime - LastTIme) * 1000.0f; //Events //MainLogic //Render if(1000.0f / Screen_FPS > (SDL_GetTicks() - FpsTimer)) SDL_Delay(1000.0f / Screen_FPS - (SDL_GetTicks()- FpsTimer)); } } void Events() { x += (MovmentSpeed * speedfactor); } Movment speed = 50; and i want to move my "X" hero position by 50 pixels each loop but i never had ani complicated math at school cant figure it out. Screen_FPS = 60
  3. Hello. My problem is c++ related on my lack of knowlage. I have a fT whic i use for Timed Movment. In function Main::ActionHandle() i call the calculation where problem ocures. when i blit HeroCropF(float) and Position(float) should be same right? i use same calculations and values. But "Position" changes while "HeroCropF" stay 0. il post whole code if this isent enought but i got just bacis SDL Event/Render only. int Main::MainStart() { if(Init() == false || Load() == false) { Exit(); return -1; } SDL_Event ImpEvent; while(Running) { oT = cT; cT = SDL_GetTicks(); fT = (cT - oT) / 1000.0f; FpsTimer = SDL_GetTicks(); while(SDL_PollEvent(&ImpEvent)) { EventHandle(&ImpEvent); } ActionHandle(); RenderHandle(); if(1000.0f / Screen_FPS > (SDL_GetTicks() - FpsTimer)) SDL_Delay(1000.0f / Screen_FPS - (SDL_GetTicks()- FpsTimer)); } Exit(); return 0; } float Main::ReturnfT() { return fT; } void Main::ActionHandle( { Hero::HeroControl.AnimateHero(); Position += 4.0f * fT; } void Hero::AnimateHero() { HeroCropF += 4.0f * Main::MainControl.ReturnfT(); } Edit: Btw Position changes for 4 Pixels per second, so should the HeroCropF but it dosent... Ani value with Position works perfect. Edit2: I changed this: void Main::ActionHandle( { Hero::HeroControl.AnimateHero(); Position += 4.0f * fT; } TO THIS!!!: void Main::ActionHandle( { Hero::HeroControl.HeroPosF += 4.0f * fT; Position += 4.0f * fT; } And now it works. So the error is Passed "fT" value ? wtf can som1 explain the error there
  4. twety94Gmail

    Function return value problem?

    i am grabbing "fT" from "Main::MainControl.ReturnfT()" and as you say its incorrect since it does not work. i tried making "fT" public in Main Class. and grabing it with "Main::MainControl.fT" did not work. I do not want to trouble you with this anymore. What area of C++ should i look intro to fix this problem? what would you recommend? I never figured what are the red underlines for until now =,=
  5. twety94Gmail

    Function return value problem?

    Yes i noticed it now... i made error during pasting =,?. Mhm i can send you File.zip? i dont see a "Attach File" Project file is CodeBlock compiler mingw32 if it helps i uploaded Karg.zip to Mediafire Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?3r0421j883qld80 Sry for my ingrish. I have no class for it.
  6. twety94Gmail

    c++ SDL, Time step problem

    Thanks peous for help. i knew its something simple, chouldnt figure it out.
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