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  1. Hello everyone, im in the 1st year in my college right now and doing my research about java and objective C language. there are few question would like to ask from the senior here: 1. Most of the mobile using android OS, some of the application is free and some is pay. 2. Apple using objective C and most of the application is pay. question here, if the java is open source, why go for the android and need to pay for some application? example, (A) person created a game from java code, (as we know java is open-source language) and sell the application for user? Everyone can create a simple game from java since its free. Compare to objective C, most of the Apple's application ain't free and have to pay for it. Seems like kinda "unfair" competition since a lot people doesn't know Android OS from java platform (open source) yet still pay for some application? p/s: sorry for bad english there.
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