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  1. well, at least an explanation ;)
  2. I have the following guesses for your problem: 1. The 2nd constructor seems not to get called in Release mode, because of the optimization that is done in a Release Build. For example when the code is optimized in such a way that the two constructors are but together in one function , then the generated code is mixed up and the Debugger doesn't know how to break at the specific line you set the breakpoint. To check this out you could for example display a MessageBox in each constructor. If both are shown in Debug and Release then you know that everything is ok. 2. The program / game might crash in Release-Mode only because of a memory leak / array access problem. I had those errors several times. In Debug-Mode everything seems to work, but this is only due to the fact that in Debug-Mode other memory allocation routines are used. Those put some "guard bytes" around the allocated memory. So if you are of by one or something, this error possibly won't crash you application in a Debug-Build, but will do so in a Release-Build. If we could see your real code (perhaps even compile on ourselves) we probably could help you much better. Hope my guesses are of any help to you ;)