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  1. samithegreat

    2D Lighting System in Monogame

    Hi! Nice tutorial! We used same technique for our game http://store.steampowered.com/app/405950/ Instead of HLSL, we used GLSL. If someone is using OpenGL I can share our light shader: #ifdef GL_ES precision lowp float; #endif varying vec2 v_texCoord; uniform sampler2D u_texture0; uniform sampler2D u_texture1; #ifndef GL_ES #define AMB_LIGHT 0.15 #endif #ifdef GL_ES #define AMB_LIGHT 0.15 #endif void main() { vec4 color = texture2D(u_texture0, v_texCoord); vec4 mask = texture2D(u_texture1, v_texCoord); float AMBIENT = AMB_LIGHT-abs( (v_texCoord.x - 0.5))*AMB_LIGHT*0.5; AMBIENT =+ AMBIENT-abs( v_texCoord.y - 0.5)*AMB_LIGHT*0.5; gl_FragColor = vec4( color.r*(clamp(mask.r+AMBIENT, 0.0, 1.0)), color.g*(clamp(mask.g+AMBIENT, 0.0, 1.0)), color.b*(clamp(mask.b+AMBIENT, 0.0, 1.0)), color.a*(clamp(mask.a+AMBIENT, 0.0, 1.0)) ); } In addition, we use ambient light to prevent completely black areas. Ambient light calculation in shader is for getting vingette-effect so ambient is darker at the corners of the screen.
  2. samithegreat

    Lowglow - beautiful physic puzzle

    Lowglow has been released on Steam today! http://store.steampowered.com/app/405950/   It has been 8 months from now when we started the developement of Lowglow and now it is finally ready. Go check it out if you like it! All comments and that kind of stuff are welcome!   We also modeled a new cinematic trailer to fit better our game.      
  3. samithegreat

    Lowglow - beautiful physic puzzle

    Lowglow has been greenlit in 8 days! I watched our Steam Greenlight statistics yesterday and it was showing that we have been risen in the list. I though, okay we are doing fine for now. After couple of minutes I refreshed the page to check if we have gotten new votes.. Then I noticed the green bar on the top of the page! We have been greenlit! Now we will continue the developement of the game and we will polish it to look like as good as possible. Thank you for all who voted for us! Stay tuned, we will be adding new updates soon!
  4. samithegreat

    Lowglow - beautiful physic puzzle

    Lowglow Alpha is now playable at Gamejolt http://gamejolt.com/games/lowglow/84338 Lowglow Alpha v0.62 consists of 11 levels that are designed to give you a taste of what the game is going to offer. Keep in mind this little demo doesn't represent the game at it's fullest. There is so much more to experience in the full version, and we hope we can get it ready as soon as possible. Yet, we are still royally excited to finally share this Alpha version with you! We hope that you will try it and give us your precious insight on how to make the game better! Thank you!
  5. samithegreat

    Lowglow - beautiful physic puzzle

      Thank you! We did our cinematic trailer by our own using Blender 3D. I did the materials and models for the scene and my friend animated it.
  6. Hello! We have been doing a game for couple of months and now it is in Steam Greenlight!   [UPDATE]   The game has already been released on Steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/405950/   [/UPDATE]   Description: The game is athmospheric physic puzzle game where your job is to lead light drops through different levels. There are many different kind of obstacles from basic blocks to gravity fields. The game will consist of 75+ levels and a little storyline. Background story: The game world that we call Umbralite is a world of light and shadow. Light and dark once created something abiotic here. Something that is dependant of both of these forces. Shadowfolk. Wolg' Wol was the first shadow to appear. Wolg was created by the first rays of light that found Umbralite. More shadows started to appear quickly. Shadows soon habited the realm of Umbralite as their own and a kingdom of sorts was born. It is considered that the sudden shifts in the balance are what caused something to awaken deep in the core. A pitch black entity that would obstruct all light from Umbralite. Without light the shadowfolk are in danger of vanishing and they would have already, if it weren't for the lowglow blocks. Now the shadows survive with the light of lowglow. And the shimmer of lowglow is just barely enough to hold back the entity of darkness, Omnishade, at bay. Shadows are struggling while the darkness tries to find a way to spread uninhibited and swallow everything in its way. Tehnical: The game is made using Cocos2d-x framework via C++. Levels are done with our own created level editor where you can place all the obstacles and set parameters and materials for them. Physic simulation is done in Box2D physic engine with little tweaks. Publishing: The game will be released on PC, Android and iOS. We have been on Steam Greenlight since the end of July 2015. The game itself will be released late 2015. Screenshots: We iterated our graphical style for a while and this was our first one. This was the style we wanted to continue working with. Screenshot from our editor that we use to make levels. (The editor is a little bit cryptic and need hours to learn but it works ) Currently under developement: At the moment I am coding chapter menus and level menus. We are trying to get some cool ideas for it as we dont want it to be too generic. Links Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=486646494 Cinematic Trailer: Gameplay Teaser: Thanks for your time I hope that you liked it! Questions and comments are welcome!
  7. samithegreat

    Lemming Dynasty

    Sorry for double post! Okay - we published the game as a premium and that was a mistake... We learned that no-one is bying the game (except couple of people who we were contacting directly face to face). We decided today to make it completly free. We even used 600 euros to advertise the game but we got ZERO downloads via ads!? Does those ads even work? Do you guys have any experience about marketing your game via some ad network? I can now say that it is mostly waste of money. So if you haven't downloaded the game yet, you can now get it from AppStore for free of charge!
  8. samithegreat

    Lemming Dynasty

    Update is now available for Android! iOS-version is coming later
  9. samithegreat

    Lemming Dynasty

    Hello! We just published our newest game called Lemming Dynasty! In the game you have to save lemmings that are trying to reach other side of a cliff. Save all the lemmings and don't let it fall or the lemming will be not so cute anymore...   The game is made with cocos2d-x via C++ and we used Box2D-physics engine to handle physics of the game. The project took 8 weeks to complete with 5 people team.   Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rockodilegames.sopuli iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lemming-dynasty/id967754855?ls=1&mt=8   Feedback is welcome! I hope that you will try our game today so we will get some more downloads    
  10. Hi! I am currently designing multiplayer server system for our new game. I have some experience in building client-server systems but only for small amount of players. The game will be mobile game with multiplayer where players are playing against eachothers 1vs1 in real time. Direct connect from device to device is not possible because we want that players are able to play with random people around the world (for example clash of clans and hearthstone). The system should be scaleable so if player base grows up, we can simply launch more server nodes to handle them. I would appriacte if you guys could check this out and let me know if this can work. System will be run on AMS cloud computing servers.   Here are my plans so far:   Login server: -Clients connect to this node when they launch the game -Handles account login and redirect player to one of front-ends (balances the load between multiple front-ends)   Front-ends: -Handles all network traffic between clients -There can be multiple front-end nodes to balance network load   Lobby server: -When player want to start multiplayer game they are placed to queue -When another player with same matchmaking is found lobby server redirects the players to one of game server   Message server: -Handles in-game messages from player to player -If the players are connected to different front-ends this server will deliver the message to the right one   Global event server: -There will be global cooldowns in game that should be updated even when player is offline -Handle cooldown timers and for example notify players when cooldown or upgrade is finished   Database: -Database cluster where all information is stored   Game servers: -There are multiple game servers all connected to the front-ends -One game server runs a networking thread and 1 to n game threads (thread count depends how many CPU cores are available) -One game thread can handle couple of game sessions   So do you guys have some tips to make this better or are there any great bottle necks that should be fixed? Thanks!  
  11. samithegreat

    Rescue Co.

    Hello! Sorry for double posting. We have been reviewed by PocketGamer and the review can be found at http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/iPad/Rescue+Co/review.asp?c=60637   Scores aren't that good but nice to see our first game there! Check it out if you are interested ;)
  12. samithegreat

    Rescue Co.

    Hi guys! My name is Sami Kangasmaa and I work at Rockodile Games. We have a new game out now and we would really appreciate it if you guys could check it out. The game is called Rescue Co. and it's a space themed sidescroller with a physics engine. The game is F2P with an IAP system. You swipe the character on the screen trying to navigate through rough terrain while staying in the safe zone. You save passengers from crashed spaceships and try to collect ScrapMetal that works as the currency. You can upgrade various aspects of your character in order to progress faster.     Trailer for Rescue Co.: Android:     https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rockodile.rescue IOS:     https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rescue-co./id891037847?ls=1&mt=8 We are truly grateful for any feedback you guys can give us. Hope you like it! Sami Kangasmaa Twitter: @RockodileGames
  13. samithegreat

    Mineral Valley

    The game is now released also on Facebook. If you are interested in and don't have Android, check it out in Facebook.
  14. samithegreat

    Mineral Valley

    Hello! My newest Android game is now published. Mineral Valley Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.minioid.mineralvalley Valley is full of minerals and dwarfs have been build a rail network to collect and transport them. One day, all rails were broken because of storm. Minerals were left all around the valley. Hubert-dwarf wants to collect all those minerals and has build special wagon to reach them. Way is dangerous and you have to help Hubert to get those minerals! I hope you will play it
  15. Hello! We have just released our first Android game. I've already been making freeware games and demos for PC with Basics and C++ but I never got anything really completed but now finally I have something to show We have been working on it for over 3 months and it is my first semi-commercial project. Comments are welcome ;) Here we go: Check this game in Google Play. Requirements: -Android 2.1 or higher -Medium-Large screen size. Overview: Do you remember Tyrian or Space Impact in old times? If you do, why don't you check out this? Vindicator is a traditional retro space shooter with additional features. Survive as long as you can and strike against enemy by destroying their fighters and starships using powerful weapons and technologies. Collect technology from destroyed enemies and use them to upgrade your starship. Gain superpowers to reveal secrets of Universe for a short peroid of time and use them against your enemy. Complete various achievements and get yourself into hall of fame. Are you ready for this mission? -- Synopsis: -- -A great retro space shooter with pixel-art graphics. -2 different game modes. -Upgrade in 6 categories and couple of ranks on each. -8 superpowers to reveal. -Diverse weapon arsenal. -24 achievements to complete. -Challenge your friends in facebook. Download: Download from Google Play or directly from here: http://dl.dropbox.co...AndroidFREE.apk
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