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  1. Rookie game design blog

    A pretty nice start, some interesting posts, keep up the good work! (Get yourself you're own domain name before you put too much work in though)
  2. Updated my indie iphone game blog at plz stop by and take a look! #iPhone #Apps #GameDev #DungeonCrawl #IDRTG
  3. [size=5]Hack and Slash iOS[/size] This is the latest game project I'm working on, an action RPG 'Hack And Slash' 'Dungeon Crawl' type game. Based on the code I've already done for one of my previous RPG projects. This will be a much less ambitious, scaled back version concentrating just on the Dungeon part. Everything will be randomized, Dungeon, Items, Monsters. (For iPhone, iPad and Andriod mobile devices) [img][/img] Please visit [url=""][/url] for further information and updates.
  4. Just updated website, check out my latest iOS indie game development project and other stuff