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  1. Hate being asked for money cause you never know who’s telling the truth and who’s not. 98% prob aren’t but who knows when that 2% pops up?
  2. I have a 100+ pc. Star Wars Pop collection, missing only a cpl rare alt look pieces. Qui Gon Jinn is a slap in the face, price gauge. @Funko
  3. Topia Online - An MMORPG for game developers

    Hope you guys can pull this off. Very big undertaking but will be AMAZING if completed. Funding this for sure and will spread the word! Best of luck!
  4. Happy Turkey Day everybody! I'm off to rest up before I feast tomorrow!
  5. Lovin this phone.
  6. I have been messing around with MonoGame for a month now and really enjoy using it. I never used XNA much but the consensus seems to be its spot on. It is still in beta but I would highly recommend checking it out before making your final decision on what path to take, especially if you are already familiar with XNA and want to be able to jump right in to development.
  7. I am a seasoned programmer and have recently decided to put my skills to use in game development. I have done a good amount of research but I am having trouble disseminating the difference between a game engine, a wrapper for say OpenGL or DirectX, and libraries. How does it all fit together? Any input, even just definitions (in regards to game dev) would be awesome! Regards, Rellek
  8. can any coders out there give me any insight into haXe? is it worth learning? noticed a LOT of LD devs using it!
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