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  1. @freakchild - that's very reasonable reply by you - Thanks a ton! I agree - the best reason to do this is for fun - and nothing else. It has given me a direction, and you have convinced me to get a hackintosh - and I can also arrange for somewhat old iPod touch for testing. Reading for Hackintosh - I got many sites, but I want specific to mine case (you know, formatting business I have rarely done) I have two PCs - one with windows xp and other with Vista. Both have 2 GB RAM, 100+ GB HDDs. 1) which one can I dual boot on hackintosh? 2) where exactly do I look for step by step instructions? 3) I need specific mac os version details that will be compatible with latest iOS versions, as well as legal ways to get them so that there won't be any Afuture issues compiling / distributing my iPhone App. -vividCode
  2. @Frob and [b]freakchild[/b] - thanks for your replies. @Frob - I know about Hackintosh. However I am search of something simpler than that - like building on PC, then getting it compiled on mac - some kind of cheap service that will do this - cheaper than owning a Mac. I also know that right now there is no tool that allows to produce mac binaries on a PC. But I have heard about websites / independent services producing iOS target binaries for us. My question about costing is also derived from the same - given that when I chose an IDE that does produce an iOS code for me, how much will it charge me for the licensing? @Freakchild - indeed very in-depth analysis from your end - mine is very simple 2d app and I am using it just to build my developer profile.s l It's a game, doesn't require any special features like accelerometer, web or anything. Just a small 2d game with need for compact db - or an encrypted flat file. At the same time I do not want it to fall big time, I need some returns for sure. I have other games to be developed but I wouldn't spend a fortune right now just to build this game. ($1000 is quite big for me) Once on my feet, I would venture more. As for the tool, so far I have seen, unity 3d is too big to try for it - both from learning curve and cost perspective. So suggest me only other alternatives. As for Android, right now google doesn't allow to sell / buy from where I am located. I hope that will change soon. But somehow I feel that developing for Android initially will not give me the 'required' boost to be a fulltime game developer, that's why I have chosen iOS path first. In any case, tell me if you differ on this - but I don't really smell success here. Thanks again! -vividcode
  3. Hello GameDevs! This is my first post here, so thanks for stopping by! I am newbi to this group, but a programming professional since more than a decade. I am a recent entrant into gaming, and have couple of game ideas to publish on my own. I have been researching the net for obvious questions - have tried half a dozen mobile game IDEs so far, and still unsure if I am missing something crucial here. Can anyone lead me into proper direction? 1) I have a very simple game idea. Does not require much graphics but simple view-only DB operations (can be handled through flat file too, but the content should be private) With my experience so far, I can do it in any language - be it c++, C#, javascript or Lua - looking at the online resources so far. As for Game IDEs, I know Unity 3d (toughest), Shiva 3d (OK for me), Eclipse (OK for me) and Titanium (bit awkward structure, also, can't get how much it costs for pro version) 2) I want to publish on iPhone platform first. Later I may choose to publish on Android too. I want to minimize my development efforts. I don't have mac, neither I am intending to buy it. I have 2 windows PCs - xp and Vista (Lately I have been reading that there are services that allow you to compile against mac and publish it, but I need specific details) 3) Last but not the least - I want to minimize my costs - at least until I make a break-even revenue with my game. Questions: a) What is the best IDE to go for, which will require me to do minimal coding, and the app will be ready with just some drag-drops and event handlers? b) Will this IDE allow me to create - iPhone app on my windows box - if not, how much is the minimum cost to get it done? - android app on my windows box c) What is the total cost involved including hardware, licensing and publishing? - considering iPhone as the only target - considering iPhone + Android both I think anyone who has been through this phase definitely knows where I am, and what's best for me. Specific answers, please, as I have searched and googled too much, and I am tired with answers like "it depends on how you want to do it" sort of stuff! Thanks to all in advance for reading me this far :-) -vividcode