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  1. Defenders of the Last Colony

    We have completed the game and it has been released on Desura, Indievania and our own website: [url=""][/url]
  2. Defenders of the Last Colony

    [size=3]Hi,[/size] [size=3]we are testing [b]Defenders of the Last Colony[/b], a twin stick shotter / tower defense You can build defenses witht he engineer class or use different shots with the fighter ship. Protect the colony and gather blue orbs to charge the core so you can jum,p to the next stage. clearing stages you'll unlock new retro modes.[/size] [size=3]The beta is free to download and play it here: [url=""][/url][/size] [size=3]gameplay video:[/size] [url=""][/url] [size=3]we need as much feedback as possible,[/size] [size=3]Thanks![/size] [size=3][url=""][/url][/size]