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  1. SimonOsterhold

    hello composers out there

    sounds good!
  2. SimonOsterhold

    hello composers out there

    funny talking to a german in english nice to hear you are successfull!!.... also your reel... especially rough and tumble ... thats a great song!! well i got another job besides the music with flexible working time and home office in a media school (but not as a teacher) - so thats not the problem. maybe i´m too impatient. are you going to gamescom?
  3. SimonOsterhold

    hello composers out there

    yeah thats what i expereanced as well : no job without doing the SFX. but actually its fun doing Sfx - thats quite a creative part as well. but giving lessons ? omg ... thats what i did during all my students time - that was enough i think for games - many needs voice overs - thats a big part, too. but the reason i started the topic is - within 3 years in game industry i feel being quite a newby ok the projects i can do are still rare and small - paid far from fair. i just have to do them to get more references and more contacts - but in hope its getting better sometimes ... give me some hope pls
  4. SimonOsterhold

    Personal influences?

    looking at that topic - instantly 2 composer popping into my mind: - ennio morricone (watch the movies on youtube for free - very good) very exciting which instruments he uses for that song - Nobuo Uematsu this piece i played for my final graduation test - and i still like playing it. my piano teacher once said - for tests never choose pieces everyone plays - for me easy to find something different
  5. SimonOsterhold

    hello composers out there

    sounds great - thanks for your replies. yeah i already talked to a guy from a platform for royalty free music - where i get some percent when my songs will be bought. i think this is a nice platform for all songs which were made and not sold - but will only work when you have really enough songs at that platform. he said something like - you can make about 1000$ per month with about 30-50 songs uploaded. @ Nate how many jobs do you do generaly in a year? i know its always different - but do you do the big ones - so about 5 or something or more small jobs but lots of it?
  6. SimonOsterhold

    hello composers out there

    Hi, i just found this forum and wanted to introduce myself. im Simon from Munich Germany and i studied music education and audio engineering. for 3 years i work as a freelancer as a composer for music and SFX in games and film industry and besides i work in a school for audio. doing both jobs together is ok to earn enough for a living. the game projects are getting more and growing - but how long does it take to be able to live only from composing. so i just wonder whos out there who can live from making music?
  7. Need Music or Sounds for your Game? i worked for several international Game Projects. http://t.co/P2hOW4aM
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