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    Win a Custom Designed Website

    I am giving away a fully designed & hosted website (for 1 year).       To enter just follow/tweet/like/enter your email        More details: http://onlinemarketinginct.com/win-a-website-competition   Starts: 1st July 2015  Entries close: 31st July 2015 Entrants must be from the US, Canada, Australia or UK   Good Luck!
  2. In need of a press release writer, video editor or marketer for your game?     We've teamed up with Elance UK to bring a brilliant offer to all fans of YWB on Facebook..   For your chance to win a $100 voucher to spend at http://www.elance.com simply like YWB on Facebook and confirm your fan status on Rafflecopter.   Enter below: http://www.youngwebbuilder.com/win-100-elance-voucher-freelancers-business/ Competition rules   Competition ends: 10/03/2014 Entries open: Worldwide Entrants must be: 18+ to enter sadly :(   Good Luck!
  3. Welcome to all of our new followers.
  4. YoungWebBuilder

    Micro-Job sites

    You have to be careful of course its not just $5 though, I mean you can pay $5 but you can also pay for gig extras if the seller has gig extras.   It's just about using common sense and looking at the reviews as well as thinking about what the real cost would be to actually do the work.   As I say there are some good services to be had you've just got to look for them.   I have had good and bad experiences, you can get some services on them that you'd pay 3-10 times more on other sites. That is no joke either haha.  There are some things I would avoid but if you are on a budget then for the sake of spending some time looking through reviews or just testing with a small amount if it does not go as you wished then at least you have not wasted all that much.
  5. YoungWebBuilder

    Micro-Job sites

    Has or does anyone used/use micro-job sites to get assets for their games such as voiceovers, press releases etc..? I use www.seoclerks.com and www.fiverr.com quite a bit, what about everyone else?
  6. YoungWebBuilder

    Killers, Thrillers, Fillers

    What do you go for when creating a game? Killer, Thriller or Filler?
  7. Hey guys, I've got a cool competition for you, thanks to the guys at Adobe we have both a copy of Adobe Flash Professional CS6 and Fireworks CS6 worth £952/$1300 ish to give away! To enter Tweet or Like on the Facebooks. http://www.youngwebb...-fireworks-cs6/
  8. Get $5 to spend free to promote your website/game, game reviews, buy graphics, press releases, traffic, likes etc.. http://www.youngwebb...imum-spend.991/ Any questions please ask.
  9. Make money with your graphics design skills http://t.co/QuAooAXi
  10. Reply here to win a copy of Camtasia studio 8 http://t.co/bK5dHWCt
  11. We are giving away a copy of Camtasia studio 8 worth $250 roughly, It is worth £220 anyway. Camtasia is one of if not the best screen recording programs around It records your webcam too, it is a bit of a beast! Good for screen recording Good for youtube series's Tutorials Create interactive Quizes Video editing Record game footage such as Minecraft + make money from Youtube videos, (look this up) Beautiful UI Easy editing reminiscent of the older versions of windows movie maker but with more oomph To enter scroll to the bottom of this review and you will find the entry method. http://www.youngwebbuilder.com/camtasia-studio-8-review/ Ends 29th August To find out more visit: http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html Thanks to Techsmith for kindly giving us a copy to give away! Good Luck! - YWB
  12. Tools for learning programming for web-development, game development and mobile app creation http://t.co/rJAgYyXp
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