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  1. Goran Milovanovic

    Looking to start programming, where to start?

    My video tutorials (Blender Game Engine - Python): http://www.gamedev.net/topic/625003-video-tutorials-blender-game-engine/
  2. Goran Milovanovic

    Open source code for a beginner

    I love you Lazy Foo!
  3. Goran Milovanovic

    2D basic collision detection help

    When you want to do the same operation for multiple cases, you can use ||: if( bottomA <= topB || topA >= bottomB || rightA <= leftB || leftA >= rightB ){ return false; }
  4. Goran Milovanovic

    Should I use java or python for a survival/rpg game?

    I would recommend Python. It's a very powerful language (I would say more powerful than Java). The Blender Game Engine uses Python as a scripting language, so that's something that might interest you: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/625003-video-tutorials-blender-game-engine/
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