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  1. Hi all, Let me introduce my new app : 3x6=18. It's a simple app for learning multiplication tables. Get it on Google play Main features: - Free, no ads, no special permissions - Three game modes : normal, timed and custom - Simple elegant UI - Stats tracking and display (correct answer % and reply time) - Smart question picking based on stats All feedback will be most welcome. Thanks for checking my app !
  2. Christmas update has been released : it contains a new christmas theme, and a whole new stats display page. There are also several improvements regarding performance, text layout for HD phones and gameplay speed. [B]For the occasion, I'm offering free images from my Christmas theme. Check [URL="http://www.picoludi.com/blog/cest-bientot-noel-images-gratuites-cliparts/?lang=en"]my blog[/URL][/B] [IMG]http://www.picoludi.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/screenshot_christmas.png[/IMG] [quote name='karwosts' timestamp='1351702677' post='4995874'] Some of the text is super small on my device, you might want to use more density independent measurements. Especially the ticker and some of the words in the score bar, they were about a millimeter high on my screen (HDPI), much smaller than in your screenshots. [/quote] It should be fine now ! Cleaned my code, improved layout and probably increased performance. Thanks for motivating me ! [quote name='SimonForsman' timestamp='1353853529' post='5003936'] Having a personal highscore table would be nice enough i guess, (i can see my best score allready though, but the scrolling is a bit annoying since you have to wait for the game mode you're interested in to show up) [/quote] Granted ! On the welcome screen, click ...More... then Stats. Don't hesitate to give me more feedback !
  3. I'm working on the Christmas edition, I'll see if I can add this in time. Thanks again for your feedback
  4. Hey thanks for your feedback Simon. Sorry for not replying sooner, I've been on a kid-free computer-free and unexpectedly 3G-free vacation. Do you mean you'd like to see your own highscore table or a global score table to compete with other players ?
  5. Thanks a lot for the feedback ! I'll make more tests on different resolutions, and screen sizes. It's not as easy as using xml layout since most of the game view 's layout is done programmatically (maybe I should change that as well). Chrono mode gives new cards every time you have uncovered half the board + 1 pair. You get a (decreasing) time bonus each time until the countdown is over. There's no sound/music yet. It's probably the next step. Thanks again for taking the time to give me feedback !
  6. Halloween update has been released : it contains a new theme, and a marquee that display game stats on the start page. As always, feedback will be most welcome !
  7. A new update has been published with the new CHRONO game mode. It's really different from the time based modes of other memory games, you should try the challenge ! This new mode might need a little balancing. Feedback will be most welcome !
  8. An update has been published with minor graphical fixes. It also supports install to SD (which should motivate me for making new themes !)
  9. Hello, I'd like to present you my first Android game : it's a free memory game called [url="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.picoludi.yamemo"]YaMeMo[/url] Its basically a remake of the classic memory game (you find pairs of matching cards), but also features new game modes: - in trio you have to find 3 matching cards instead of 2 (much more challenging than it seems) - in versus you play in turns against one of the bots There is a combo based scoring system that will hopefully have you play again to beat your highscore. Five themes are featured in the game and more will be added in next releases. I'd really like to get some feedback about it, and if you like it, rate it and tell your friends ! Screenshots : [img]http://www.picoludi.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/screen_versus_animals.png[/img][img]http://www.picoludi.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/screen_symbols.png[/img] QR code for direct access on google play: [img]http://www.picoludi.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/qr_yamemo_0.png[/img]