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  1. Positive Sci-fi Game

    How about, science gives access to some place that was previously inaccessible. It can be the heart of a volcano, an asteroid, a sunk ship. You can let intrepid scientist-explorers solve puzzles with gadgets or their knowledge of biology/geology/physics/chemistry.
  2. Kill The NPC

    The first reason s the one you mentioned: you don't want to accidentally shoot a fireball in the king's court, kill the entire royal family, and completely derail the story. The second is that it may not fit the story at all. If you're a Pokemon Trainer, the you are a kid obsessed with these fantastical creatures, not a psychopath that will kill other kids and shopkeepers to steal their Pokemon and special items. If you're a paladin, then no, you can't kill that widow that asked you to find her only son, no matter how much her sobbing and pleading irritate you.