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  1. i have the following declaration in my class array<Mesh::TexturePlane@> pointMesh; this gives me the following error: [b]main.asc (14, 5) : ERR : Expected method or property[/b] [b]main.asc (323, 1) : ERR : Unexpected token '}' [/b] line 323 is the last line of my script. When i remove the Namespace in the c++ "scriptEngine->SetDefaultNamespace("Mesh")" array<TexturePlane@> pointMesh; << compiles ok I also tested the simple array notation works with the namespace Mesh::TexturePlane@[] pointMesh; << compiles ok Seems like a bug in the array template addon notation.
  2. scriptbuilder and includes no matching signatures

    Thanks Andreas, That would be a good choice/change. Or I just needed to check the API more throughly. Greets Michael
  3. scriptbuilder and includes no matching signatures

    just when i posted the question is see my problem. [CODE] int CScriptBuilder::AddSectionFromMemory(const char *scriptCode, const char *sectionName) [/CODE] AddSectionFromMemory takes 2 arguments. I forgot the 2nd one to pass the included script name. So the first one gets added and the second one gets ignored because of the same (null/empty) section name. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to implement the angelscript engine but i ran into a problem when i try to include other files in my angelscript source files. I'm building the scripts with the scriptbuilder addon. When i try to build the module i get the following error. [b](3, 1) : INFO : Compiling void main()[/b] [b](7, 5) : ERR : No matching signatures to 'testinclude()'[/b] I have implemented my own include callback and verified that all the scripts get loaded and the callback is triggered. [CODE] //include handler, this function is called once for loading test.asc int includeScript(const char *include, const char *from, CScriptBuilder *builder, void *userParam) { const char *contents = MBEngine::ResourceManager::loadTextFileConst(include); if ( NULL != contents ) { int ret = builder->AddSectionFromMemory(contents); assert(ret >= 0); return 0; } return -1; } scriptEngine = asCreateScriptEngine(ANGELSCRIPT_VERSION); int ret; ret = scriptEngine->SetMessageCallback(asFUNCTION(MessageCallback), 0, asCALL_CDECL); assert( ret >= 0 ); RegisterStdString(scriptEngine); RegisterScriptArray(scriptEngine, true); RegisterScriptMath(scriptEngine); RegisterScriptDictionary(scriptEngine); ret = scriptEngine->RegisterGlobalFunction("void print(const string &in)", asFUNCTION(print), asCALL_CDECL); assert( ret >= 0 ); CScriptBuilder scriptBuilder; //set the include loader scriptBuilder.SetIncludeCallback( includeScript, NULL); ret = scriptBuilder.StartNewModule(scriptEngine, "Main"); assert( ret >= 0 ); //load main script const char *mainScript = ResourceManager::loadTextFileConst("main.asc"); ret = scriptBuilder.AddSectionFromMemory( mainScript ); assert( ret >= 0 ); //compile the script this where the compiler error is triggered ret = scriptBuilder.BuildModule(); assert( ret >= 0 ); [/CODE] my 2 angelscript test files main.asc [CODE] #include "test.asc" void main() { print("I'm now in main()\n"); testinclude(); } [/CODE] test.asc [CODE] void testinclude() { print("included function()\n"); } [/CODE] I used the sample "include" as a reference Who can help me, what i'm i missing here.