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  1. David Miles

    unity 3d and C# book

    I am almost through with Head First C# 2nd edition what book would yall recomend after this one? BTW I am not just reading it I am doing all the programming in the book and then some. I just like to have a book to guide my learning.
  2. David Miles

    unity 3d and C# book

    Is there a good c# and xna book that you would recomend?
  3. Does anyone know of a good beginners book on C# and Unity that uses Visual C# 2010? or should I first learn xna before Unity?
  4. David Miles

    After reading Head Start C# 2nd Edition

    I have been making programs with the book. Just want another book after head start c#. I dont always have a computer with me and i read all the time. Gonna read the book when I dont have a computer and when I do do the exercises in the book and other programs
  5. David Miles

    After reading Head Start C# 2nd Edition

    What book would yall suggest after this book? I am going to be writing allot of programs but would like a another book to go through to learn more. Thanks
  6. According to http://www.abet.org/online-programs/ there is only 1 online computer science degree that is accredited by them. This one http://www.regis.edu/ I have been doing allot of research on online schools and I am leaning towards this one more and more. Does anyone know anything about this school? Just wanting yalls opinons on the computer science program it offers Thanks
  7. David Miles

    C# and SQL

    I just wrote a Address Book program. Using Head Start C# 2nd eddition to learn C#. If i install the program on another computer do they have to have sql compact on there computer since i used Visual Studio to write the program and used sql for database? If so is there a way to add the SQL compact to the setup files?
  8. David Miles

    Grantham University Online

    What Accreditation should the CS program have?
  9. David Miles

    Grantham University Online

    Its between that degree or this one. I just found this one its a private non-profit univerity. https://carina.baker.edu/MSTSTPO?DLV=U&LOCNO=&DIV=CIS&DEG=BCS&CON=CSO&CVER=2011A&VER=2011A&DIVTTL=Bachelor%20of%20Computer%20Science&PGMTTL=Computer%20Science&PGMTTL1=&OFRTTL=THIS%20PROGRAM%20IS%20OFFERED%20AT%20THE%20FOLLOWING%20BAKER%20COLLEGE%20CAMPUS%3A&CMPOFR=Online&DEPT=ONL
  10. David Miles

    Grantham University Online

    it is a for-profit university, but it is accredited. I have done quite a bit of research and they are one of the only online univerities that is both fully accreditied and offers online computer science degree. I would rather have a degree from a for-profit univerty that is accredited than a degree from a non-profit university that is not.
  11. I am planning on going back to school. I have to work full time so the only option for me is Online. Does anyone know about this college? Grantham University Online I am looking at this degree http://www.grantham.edu/colleges-and-schools/college-of-engineering-and-computer-science/computer-science/?sfc=Y&cn=2#curriculum What do yall think of this?
  12. What book would yall advice me to get to learn more c#? I am planning on playing with Unity3d and learning it so if there is a book that incorporates both, that would be ideal. Thanks
  13. Another way is have the resources where you have to control them in order to mine the resources. For example, say your resources is a gold mine. Have a tower or small camp at that mine that you have to have in your sides posession to use the mine.
  14. I have a question. I am trying to go back to college, but i work full time. So, my only option is Online degree. I am wanting to get a computer science degree concentration in programing. Does anyone know of a good fully accredited online university? General programming not game programming degree. I have talked to allot of programers that work at game companies and they all just about said do not get a game programming degree get a CS degree in programming. Thanks for the help
  15. David Miles

    Unity 3d question

    Thanks for the replies. The game premise is this... It is the year 3019 and we have used all the metal resources on earth. To get the resources earth needs we had to look somewhere else. So we looked at the astroroid field to get the resources we need. The two major corporations that mines the astroroid fiels is the Malon Corp and the Ditrix Corp and they fight to control the astroroid field. Since its not on earth there is no rules or laws. Each corperation has decided to build a fleet of warships to fight against the other corporation. This fight goes on until they find out they are not alone. and they decide to fight together not just to protect the astroroid field but there homes on earth. This takes place between the orbits of mars and jupiter and arround boths planets and there moons what do yall think of this story line?
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