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  1. Thanks! Yeah, I'm really excited to continue working.
  2. The Games called Travel Mouse. It's a relaxing metroid-vania, with a strong emphasis on atmosphere and puzzle solving. I posted a gameplay video on the front page of my website: http://billybasso.com/ I've only been working on it for about two weeks, and plan to continue all summer. I'd appreciate any thoughts, suggestions, gameplay ideas, you know, what ever you think..!
  3. Yeah, I agree bombs would probably be more fun. I put the teleport ability in there because I was just blindly re-implementing all the features of the original 1979 arcade version of asteroids.
  4. Why yes! As boring as another Asteroids game sounds, I honestly think it's worth playing.
  5. I had to remake asteroids for my game-dev class. While the premise is simple and boring, I think it turned out alright. Before I turn it, I would really appreciate some feedback. There's a download link on the front page of my website: http://billybasso.com Thanks!
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