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  1. Composition Software Guidance Needed

    Thanks for the help. The information is very useful. So me and my brother decided that we are go to use SNES style music and I have gone back and closely listened to music from my favorite games of that era. [left]I think I had more issue with the sequencer part of my question. Getting a start into the whole process of making game music got me overwhelmed. However after doing a lot more digging I found a tutorial to get me started. Currently I am trying Reaper and successfully made a six bar midi ditty. I'm also learning a lot more about VSTs.[/left] [left]Thanks again for the help.[/left]
  2. Well Iv'e poked around the internet and the forum and really didn't find what I am looking for. You guys seem like a good cummunity so I will go ahead and ask. First off I'm a utter greenhorn in creating video game music. I am however a musician with some compositional experience but past the pen and paper I'm completely lost. With that being said I need some guidance in what software/hardware I need to not write music but create it for a game. Being a poor college student I have a tight budget so [u]for now cheap is a must[/u]. Now here is the situation. My brother is making an rpg through C# and XNA. He is hoping to get this posted to Xbox live indie games and obviously he needs music which is where I come in. So I need to be able to create music for him in the style of retro rpgs from say the NES or SNES. Also any tips for composing game music would be welcomed since I'm sure it is an entirely different beast from writing for big band or combo Jazz. Thanks
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