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  1. hank you, where can I find some tutorials or videos about how to use BoxedApp? Do you know?
  2. BoxedApp can intercept function like Microsoft Detours?
  3. Topiary

    C++: Custom memory allocation

    In my opinion this is a good option, but not the most efficient. You can find more reliable methods higher
  4. Topiary

    C++: Custom memory allocation

    I have to agree, smart pointers are not a panacea. I have a stock of various tools that help me to deal with errors and leaks in the code thanks!
  5. Topiary

    C++: Custom memory allocation

    I read an article about smart pointers. I have convinced that using of smart pointers prevents errors and memory leaks.
  6. Topiary

    portable version of game

    More than a year ago, I created my first portable application. Tip: you can find how to create portable applications on YouTube! (Search thinapp, boxedapp, cameyo, spoon)
  7. Try f-in-box or something similar. But I'm not sure that it works for Android...
  8. Topiary

    [SDL.Net] Crazy memory leak

    OMG For crazy memory leak - deleaker, valgrind, memcheck....
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