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  1. In most modern games, are animations 'drawn in' as in you have models which contain the animations of various things moving? or are they 'coded' in: when the key W is pressed and MOVE() is called, this directly changes the coordinates at which the player is drawn, along with his legs moving in a running animation in specific intervals I am currently reading various books but this question keeps popping up in my head. Thanks in advance.
  2. I recently began learning opengl in hopes of making a game for fun. So far, I've gotten a working third person camera system with working models (meh, only obj models so far.. another time though), and I've almost got textures working. With textures, I understand that I can design a skybox, and with that, I would be able to create an environment with a working player model with moving parts based on the camera, with a working skybox and various landscapes spread throughout in a small radius. Now.. I'm kind of lost. I don't quite understand how I can now have my player model interact with terrain (i.e. don't let the player walk right through the model of the wall lol). I'm not sure how / what lighting/shading are.. and I don't even know what I don't know from that point. So if you could, point me in the right direction with info / links please~ thank you.