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  1. Where to start to develop a game?

    Hi, i'm planning on making a game (in the style of binding of isaac). I have some experience in c++ and i'm planning on making it in eclipse. I just wondered where do i start? Also if you could recommend a better software or programming language for this type of game that would be helpful.   thanks
  2. make games using eclipse?

    it's fine i just wanted to check i could and i like eclipse i can use it well and i have already set up the launcher for my game
  3. make games using eclipse?

    hello, i can mod minecraft mods usig eclipse and that is my first programming experience and i would like to know if it was possible to make a game like the binding of isaac or super meat boy using eclipse thankyou!
  4. game using javascript?

    hi, i'd like to make a game using java script (i'm learning the commands at the moment) and i'd like to know if it was possible to do that with eclipse and also i'd like to know how to get started(set up etc) thankyou