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    [quote name='Aldacron' timestamp='1336906451' post='4939745'] "The OpenGL SuperBible" ... "Interactive Computer Graphics - A Top-Down Approach With [Shader-Based] OpenGL" [/quote] Two great suggestions, however I would personally take a different approach if you're strictly looking to OpenGL. The "OpenGL Programming Guide", official red book, is often the first port of call when moving into OpenGL programming. It is the definitive guide to working in OpenGL, but isn't the best of tutorials when it comes to easing beginners into things. I highly recommend "[color=#000000][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Computer Graphics Through OpenGL : From Theory to Experiments". It will teach you the underlying theories of graphics programming, yet will centre itself around use of the OpenGL. It's well structured, with many experiments, exercises and demonstrations along the way. I found it the best way to systematically work through OpenGL from the bottom up, without missing the fundamentals of graphics.[/font][/color]
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