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  1. Hi everyone,                    I'm working on a path finding project I have going in C#. I'm fairly new to path finding and have been following some tutorials but I'm struggling to get my head around it fully. Can anyone recommend any good tutorials or resources that would be suitable for a beginner in path finding? I do have experience in C# programming but the concept of AI such as path finding is pretty new to me.   Thanks in advance!
  2. Phil_93

    Heightmap Problems?

    Ok great news! My car is finally sticking to the ground as it should! The frame rate is dropping a little when the car moves forward but I'm sure I can fix that somehow, it is only a minor problem after all.   Just want to say thanks to everyone that helped me out on this otherwise I'd have never got it done.   Thanks everyone! Phil_93 :D
  3. Phil_93

    Heightmap Problems?

    Actually scratch that I've changed the camera around so I can look around and I'm actually way above my heightmap, it looks tiny from where I actually am.
  4. Phil_93

    Heightmap Problems?

    Hey sorry I went quiet yesterday, I needed a break. Looking at it today I have actually changed the scale of the car in the properties.   I'm guessing I need to multiply or add the scale of the car to the line that changes it's Y position on the heightmap?
  5. Phil_93

    Heightmap Problems?

    Ok, good news and bad news.   Good news is, I finally got it to work! my car is adjusting it's height according to the heightmap.   Bad news is, I'm now underneath my heightmap for some reason.
  6. Phil_93

    Heightmap Problems?

    Thank you so much for the help. I'll go and have a try now.    I just hope I'm not being annoying or anything.
  7. Phil_93

    Heightmap Problems?

    I feel really stupid for saying this but a lot of that just went straight over my head (It's my own fault I should have said to keep it simple, I'm fairly new to programming. Even more so to xna). My university is giving us code/tutorials that doesn't work properly and not even the tutors seem to understand their own stuff.   I've been trying to do this for about 4 weeks straight now and I'm getting to the point where I just want to give up and go home. It's starting to look like university isn't for me.
  8. Phil_93

    Heightmap Problems?

    Yeah, I'm not too good with this and I tried a lot of different things before asking for help, I also tried changing some of the effect. lines at the bottom of the heightmap class. Oh right, so I'd be better off putting GetHeight in the actual car class rather than trying to pass it through the Update or Draw in the main game? Most of the time when I try to implement GetHeight I get errors. Thank you so much for helping out by the way.
  9. Phil_93

    Heightmap Problems?

    Sorry about posting a link to a large file, I wasn't sure what do do because I didn't want people having to trawl though bits of code on a post.   I forgot to explain that line, I added it in because I thought it would help me sort my problem out but it just locks my car up so it will only travel in a straight line and my game crashes when the car reaches the side of the heightmap, this is why it was commented out.   I'm really stuck, sorry If I'm being a pain.
  10. Hey everyone,                        I posted a while back about having issues with heightmaps. I was on Easter break from university so I had to try and get help on-line but I couldn't really understand what I needed to do. I started back at university yesterday and asked my tutor to take a look and he couldn't make help me, he didn't seem to understand the code which is annoying being as I went off the tutorials supplied by my university which were made by said tutor. I'm still seriously stuck on this and I'm starting to run out of places to get help.    Could anyone please help me? My code is a bit long to actually put on the post, besides it's better off if someone who knows what they are doing can see the entire thing so they know exactly where I'm going wrong. I don't want people giving me code or anything like that. I just want someone to look through my program, see where I'm going wrong and talk me through how to fix it, I really want to be able to understand this better.   Any help is greatly appreciated.   Edit: Just to mention the problem I'm having is that my car in my game is just hovering at a fixed height and phasing through the high sections of the heightmap. As far as I know all the code to alter it's height etc. is there, it just isn't doing anything.   Here are just the source files instead of having to download a full program: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dwbh8ws11t4oys8
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