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  1. which one of these paradigms is better to follow in gamedev? or maybe both in combination?
  2. londer

    2d game ? using OGL 3.0?

    Sorry i must have posted this in For Beginners section.
  3. i am going to make a 2d game (fairly simple one) by using SDL or SFML + OpenGL 3.0 but i've started learning OGL recently so the question i have am i in a wrong way?
  4. And what i probably will be missing ,if i start learning OGL 3.3 now, after a year ?
  5. Hi . i have a question probably shouldn't have been asked here . Sorry but there is no one to ask it nearby . So i'm fairly beginner in gamedev and as i've been noticing that every advice to beginners how to get started in gamedev says just we need to start it from making simple games. Nowadays needless to say that GameDev is very complex(or at least it seems to me so ) and big world . i have a fear to get lost in this world to not be able to keep up with new techs and features of making games. are these feelings ok ? i know (and you can blame for it) probably this is another complication besides making games. so please tell me what and how i should do to avoid them?
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