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  1. I sucked at drawing but then i kept on drawing until i got better. i cant draw a perfect straight line
  2. XionEntertainment

    Poll: Which Name Should i use

    Poll: Which Name Should i use for my Indie Game Company Xion Entertainment TriTek Entertainment NewBox Entertainment NeoTek Entertainment and why Thanks
  3. XionEntertainment

    Story for Games

    Game Design Documents and Tips
  4. XionEntertainment

    Story for Games

    Hi, im am currently writing 3 games (storyline), 2 are Future War games and 1 is old adventure game can u give example(S) on how to write a game storyline properly
  5. XionEntertainment

    New Puzzle game released , we like to share with you ~

    but may i ask, how and where did u make the fb game
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