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  1. I sucked at drawing but then i kept on drawing until i got better. i cant draw a perfect straight line
  2. Poll: Which Name Should i use

    Poll: Which Name Should i use for my Indie Game Company Xion Entertainment TriTek Entertainment NewBox Entertainment NeoTek Entertainment and why Thanks
  3. Story for Games

    [quote name='jefferytitan' timestamp='1337645954' post='4942044'] To clarify, are you looking for templates for Game Design Documents? General writing templates? Tips on writing? Or something else? [/quote] Game Design Documents and Tips
  4. Story for Games

    Hi, im am currently writing 3 games (storyline), 2 are Future War games and 1 is old adventure game can u give example(S) on how to write a game storyline properly
  5. New Puzzle game released , we like to share with you ~

    but may i ask, how and where did u make the fb game