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  1. Hello everyone, I am a web developer, but I've been asked if I can build a basic game in HTML5 and a friend of mine told me this is a great forum, to get information on how to start. So I wanted to ask you guys, where should I start any resources you would propose me, first let me give you some information about the game. Archaeology Game ------------------------ The user will have in front of him a map to the left, and a panel to right with tools which he can dig with each tools has other attributes for example a tool can dig deeper then the other. The map will be a simple map, cartoon like map. The user has to digg to find araeologicle artifacts, after a certain amount of layers of sand for example. After an artifact is found, the user will have his own laboratory where the artifacts are found (the one he found). When all artifacts are found the user will get a link to a visual flash animation of the archaelogicle digging place. I'm really sorry for my poor english, but I hope I could explain somehow what I need to do, so my question is what could make my work easier any frameworks I can use for this kind of purpose any example links would be helpful ?? I thank you in advanced for any kind of help.