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  1. I love Dropbox because they give me 125mb extra space for tweeting this!
  2. Humans Must Answer (2D space shooter)

    I really LOVE the art, just hope you'll animate the ship so it rolls slightly when you go up/down Visual feedback like that is always nice and makes it feel less static, especially since the player ship will always be on screen.
  3. 2D Art assets & Engine Scaling

    Hello! I'm working as an artist creating 2D art assets for a PC Indie game project. We're currently trying to figure out how to deal with different resolutions and scaling. It's a custom engine using OpenGL coded in c++, but none of the programers have any deeper experience with coding graphics. I'm struggling with how to deal with the scaling and supporting different resolutions. So far I've done all the art in twice the size, but obviously the art looks best in it's original resolution. Downsizing it makes it quite undefined, but it's better than upscaling. The fact that resolutions can vary with only a few hundred pixels makes me kinda worried how butchered the art will look depending on resolution. It's fine when resized to 75%, 50%, but something like 83,27% could be a problem. The theme is cartoony/cel shaded. I'm wondering if we'll need some sort of scaling algorithm that sharpens and possibly simplifies the pixels. Does anyone have any experience with this? Edit: Some WIP art. [img][/img][img][/img]
  4. Gonna have to buy it again when my account is more healthy.. Otherwise I'll probably burn in indie-hell..