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  1. I'll try to keep this short and too the point.   I'm an experienced programmer, I don't have a degree or a job related to computers in any way, but I've been self teaching for close to a decade now and am pretty good at programming in general.   I decided I enjoy graphics programming and am considering trying to specialize in it and eventually have a career as a graphics programmer. All the graphics programming I've done so far has been using libraries that take all the real work out of it, I've dabbled with opengl a bit for android programming but that's the extent of my experience, aside from a few articles I read about specific rendering techniques that sparked my interest in graphics.   I am also pretty new to c++. I've used it before for a couple different very small projects, but it's been a while and although I have a grasp of the basic concepts I'm very rusty and would need to reference the internet to write anything beyond a hello world app in c++. Most my experience is in java/python/javascript.   So given my background, i want to know what experienced graphics programmers suggest as the best route to learn graphics programming WELL and EFFICIENTLY. I was thinking a book would be a good resource because it's cheap, relatively comprehensive and cohesive, and provides a guideline for my learning journey(I just go through it chapter by chapter, instead of jumping around from tutorial to tutorial all across the internet trying to learn the topic without leaving to many gaps on the way). Other resources would be considered though if you think they fit my needs.    my main learning goals are become proficient in c++(I don't need a beginners c++ book though, if i get a book that teaches opengl using c++ I can pick up the c++ as I go and completing the book should give me a good grasp of c++   learn to use opengl in practical situations. I want to be able to write cool tech demos, make my own shaders, and expand on the knowledge I gained in the book to implement real-world rendering techniques. Once I feel I've learned enough I plan on writing a tech demo or two to add to my portfolio, for whenever I finally feel confident enough to apply for programming jobs.   learn fundamentals of graphics programming. I think being a good graphics programmer means I need a grasp of the fundamentals, but if there is no single resource that teaches these fundamentals alongside c++ and opengl I suppose I could research all the aspects of how rendering works on my own pretty easily, as it would be fun to read about. So this isn't a major concern.   Ok this is getting to long already, please leave any suggestions you think may be helpful, and, if you have time, an explanation of why you thinkI would benefit from your suggested resources. Thanks a lot
  2. It's probably just so that the section doesn't get flooded with ads posted by people who aren't even serious to spend $7 on their ad
  3. Moe091

    How Is This Side Effect Happening ?

    yah what they are saying, you are just creating a new reference to the g object and calling it g1, your also casting it to a graphics2d so that reference treats it as a graphics2d object, which means you can use graphics2d methods on the object but it is still the same object your are performing the methods on.   If you really want to create a new object I believe there is a graphics.create() method that returns a copy. Graphics2D g1 = (Graphics2D) g.create(); That should give you the desired effects I believe, now g1 is a COPY of the g object and it is still being cast to a Graphics2D
  4. In view of this, it is ironic that introductory programming is most often taught in a highly imperative style. This may be a memorial unto the children of whoredoms. I always assumed that's why they taught introductory programming in such an imperative manner.
  5. I'm a hobbyist game developer who's just looking to learn some more by working with other people. I am not great but I know what I'm doing, I'm good enough to be useful and to not mess things up.   Most my experience is in java working with libgdx and other libraries, I'm also somewhat experienced with javascript/c++ and understand many other languages at a superficial level. I'm willing to learn and work in other languages and I can pick them up very quickly. I have never officially released anything(excluding excluding a couple small apps released by freelance clients of mine) but I've written plenty of small demos and a couple small complete games. I've also worked with android and made a few small apps/games for clients on elance.com and they were all satisfied with my work. To be honest I have no idea where I lie in terms of skill because I just don't know any other programmers and have nobody to compare myself too. I've spent countless hours programming alone though and I feel like my progress is starting to slow down because I'm far past the part where I should've gotten some experience working with other programmers and learning from them.   I'm offering to work on your game/project/whatever for you, completing whichever tasks you tell me to, in exchange for the experience I will gain. At the very least I'll be able to save you some time.      If anyone else has another idea, perhaps you want to team up and work on a new project together or something, let me know. I'm open to anything as long as it fulfills my main goal of gaining experience working with other programmers in some way.   I'll be able to dedicate probably around 7-15 hours a week. If anyone wanted to pay me a small fee I could afford to work much more
  6. You should be spending as much time as possible actually writing opengl code, if you are actually writing code that does things it really cements the concepts in your brain and it'll be hard for you to forget it, especially with your rigorous learning schedule. You didn't specifically say that you aren't writing a lot of code in addition to reading through your resources so if I'm mistaken I apologize
  7. Moe091

    Squarrows [GameJolt featured game]

    That's a pretty brilliant idea, grats on getting featured!
  8. I've been making android games for a little while now and recently became interested in making html5 games for desktop and mobile web browsers. android games aren't very reliable for income and I've been seeing a lot of basic html5 games selling for a lot of money on sites like marketjs.com. I want to make html5 games that work on mobile browsers and that are actually polished and fun, so that I can fulfill my desire to make mobile games and not be poor at the same time.     I don't know much about javascript/html5 yet, but I plan on learning. Still I want to use an engine or library to make my games because it just saves so much time and I can focus on the parts specific to my games. I am having trouble determining which engines will work on mobile and desktop web browsers(I don't mean gaems that can be compiled to mobile apps, but ones that will run in a mobile web browser like those on marketjs).   It seems like impact.js works on ios browsers from what their site says, I'm not sure about android though. and the other engines don't say much at all aboiut their mobile web support. For regular android games I use libGDX a lot which can compile to html5, but it uses webgl which If I'm correct won't run on mobile web browsers. So I'm just looking for something that is safe to use if my target platforms are mobile and desktop browsers. If anyone can name some engines that they know for sure work for that I can go through them and decide which one best fits my needs. If you want to comment on the engines as well I'd appreciate your input.     I hope someone is able to help me or point me in the right direction, thanks for reading.
  9. So I want to make an app for a website I use(it's just some website that people post funny pictures and memes on and users can upvote/downvote). It's a pretty popular website and all the users are asking for an app but there isn't one yet.   I want to make an app because I use the site adn I think it'd be nice, but I'm also a poor student who can't spare the time that would otherwise be spent doing freelance jobs for money, so I want to make some income off of it somehow. There are a couple different options I was considering and which one I choose depends on the legalities.   I could just contact the owners of the website and ask if they'd pay me a very discounted price to have me make the app for them, then I could basically just program it and have them give me a flat amount of money in a one time payment(I want to do something cheap but still get enough to justify the time spent, it should take me a bout a month of working on it somewhat regularly so I was thinking of asking around $500? Anyone have any idea how much this stuff usually costs?)   Another thing I could do is just make the app and publish it myself, using ads to generate income. This one I'm not sure of the legal side though, what I would be doing(unless any more experienced coders have a better way of doing this) is pulling the html from the website and parsing it, looking for the image tags and image titles and all the other relevant info that will be displayed in the app and just displaying it in a normal applayout using scrollviews and imageviews and whatnot. I'm not sure if this is OK because I'd effectively be pulling all the content from the website and displaying it without the ads, so the owners of the website would lose ad revenue from all the people viewing the site on my app. Is this illegal? what if I actually display their ads in my app? Is there any way I could legally make the app myself and publish it?   A third option, kinda related to the last one tho, is to make a kickstarter for the app and have the users of the website back it. Then I could release the app add-free(or include the original ads so the website owners don't lose money) and pay myself with kickstarter funds. This would probably be as illegal as the last one but might be easier and more profitable even.     Basically, my question boils down to whether or not its legal to make an app for a website without their permission, effectively taking all the content and none of their ads.   and either way, which of the above methods do you think would be safer/more profitable/recommended.   Thanks for any help, I'm really oblivious about this kind of stuff.  Also if anyone wants to suggest me an easier way to make the app then just parsing the html on my own and grabbing the relevant info
  10. Moe091

    [Android][Free] Smart defender RTS

    Thanks a lot for the advice, ill be sure to put a lot of thought into my presentation page and keywords. Im also a student without much money to spend(although I considered spending up to $1000 of my savings and hoping that I earn it back, I dont know if thatdbe smart though because thats almost all my money and it might not be successful anyway) so its good to see that you still managed to get a lot of people playing your game. I will probably release my whole base game for free just so I could get morw players and feedback for my game, and ill probably throw in some bonus levels(aside from the main storyline levels) and gimicky stuff like different player graphics and a remove ads purchase as in app purchases to maybe make some extra pocket money, id be happy if I made $100 total off of it. Anyway sorry for using this post as an excuse to talk about my game lol. Good luck and great job on smart defender, I'm impressed that it was made by a student(makes me feel less special about my progress on my game haha). Did you do everything yourself or did you work with an artist or anything?
  11. Moe091

    [Android][Free] Smart defender RTS

    wow a lot of downloads already. I was gonna download and rate on all my phones( i have like 5 cause I develop for android too) to help you out but it looks like you got plenty of downloads already. I'll still do it so I can give you some good ratings, I know how ahrd it is getting noticed with a new game on the mobile market. Wanna give me some advice on how you got so many downloads already, it'll come in handy in a few months when I release my game on android. did you buy the downloads? if so how did it workout owuld you recommend that strategy to other independent developers?
  12. I was about to post this in the graphics programming forum but I feel the beginner forum is a better fit, sorry if I judged incorrectly.   I am about halfway through c++ primer and I'm starting to get an itch to work on something more interesting after all those hundreds of pages of learning stuff that I already know how to do[in other languages]. I really want to get into graphics programming with c++, I mean my end goal is always to be a great game programmer/designer/developer and I always try to work on things that will get me closer to that goal, but for some reason graphics programming never really interested me until now so it's a bit behind my other skills.   I'm already a proficient programmer but I've always used different graphics libraries or simple/restricted api's(like swing) for graphics. I do have a fuzzy and basic theoretical understanding of how accelerated graphics rendering works but I could definitely benefit from an entry level 3d/graphics programming book. I don't really have much of a preference as far as opengl/directx/whatever, I just want to get close to the metal and learn as much practical/useful stuff as I can. I am planning on being a professional game programmer at some point in the future(idk how that is going to work out with the whole not being able to afford to live, let alone go to college, thing, but I have to have some kinda productive goal to work towards in my free time so I don't go crazy) and I think graphics programming/c++ will be valuable things to learn to help get me closer to that goal. So if there is any kind of industry standard or a particular api that is most frequently used by professionals I'd prefer to learn that, but I assume that the knowledge and experience I gain will by useful regardless of the specific technology that I use. I definitely want to learn to write my own shaders as I was just checking out some tech demos people posted on youtube and it really sparked my interest.   So what resources or books do you think would be most helpful for me? What technology should I learn(I'm leaning towards openGL but not very heavily)? Oh and also I will probably need to pick up some math, my highschool didn't go past geometry(alternative school) but I have completely learned up to and including pre calc, and a good amount of regular calculus too but not enough to be comparable to taking a calc 1 class. I like math a lot and I can learn it quickly when I need to, so don't recommend things based on what I already know in math because my plan is to learn math alongside graphics as needed, if there is a book that does both that'd be optimal. I do prefer books over other resources because it helps me stay focused and learn a lot about a single topic instead of jumping around the internet doing random tutorials.   Okay finally done, thanks for reading. I'm just looking for suggestions for learning resources(preferably books) as well as any other advice you want to offer based on the information in my post
  13. Moe091

    Platform Architecture Help

    EDIT: I Apologize, after rereading your question I see that this isn't really relevant. I don't know how to delete a post so I'm just leaving this edit. If a mod wants to delete it that's cool. But maybe it'll be helpful to you or someone anyway   I'm not good at this stuff yet, but I'm dealing with something similar in my game so I figured I'd at least give you my two cents, for whatever it's worth, since you don't have any other answers yet.   I have a similar system for collision detection and my gameObject class has a collide(GameObject otherObject) method method in it. when a collision happens, this method is called on both colliding objects, passing the other object as the parameter for both of them of course, and then each individual object handles the reaction.    The GameObject class that all my objects derive from has a flag for 'dynamic', meaning an object that moves on it's own and reacts to gravity/collisions etc. players and enemies and things that follow the laws of physics are dynamic, while stationary objects and objects like moving platforms that move but only according to a predefined path are dynamic=false. So in the GameObject class I have a default colldie() implementation where if it is dynamic then it just moves the object until it's not colliding anymore and if it's not dynamic it does nothing. If I want different behavior I can always override the collide method for that class.   This way the collision reaction is coupled only to the class of the object that is colliding and colliding objects can handle their own collisions without having to know about anything else other than the object passed into the collide(GameObject) parameter. The one downside is if 2 dynamic objects collide, this would cause the first object who's collide method is called to move until the objects aren't touching and the other object doesn't do anything because by the time it collide()s the objects aren't touching anymore, and this may not be desirable behavior.   I'm considering a couple different ways of handling this: Either have   if (otherObject.isDynamic && otherObject.isFirstObject) {       //determine how far I need to move to not be colliding with the other object, move half that distance     //Also set isFirstObject to true so that when the second objects collide() method is executed it skips this if block and reacts normally, moving the other half of the way until the objects are no longer touching } else {     //react normally, just move until not touching anymore }   Or    if (otherObject.isDynamic)     if (id < otherObject.id) //Only execute the following code if this objects id is lower than the other colliding objects, so it only gets                                         executed once          //Insert advanced code to handle the reactions of both objects in one place here, moving them as they should be based on their                 mass and speed and other factors. Maybe reset their velocities based on bounciness to make them bounce or soemthing     I hope my explanations are relevant and that they make sense     Sorry if I got your hopes up when you saw you had a response and you were expecting someone who actually knew what they were talking about haha
  14. Really fun game I got stuck playin for an hour or so, good job!
  15. Hmmmm. I guess tell her exactly how you feel and see if she wants to try hanging out as friends(if that is something you would want to do yourself). She may accept based on the hope that she may be able to convert you or change your mind like you(or someone) pointed out, so be sure to not accidentally send any signals and be very clear in your intentions.    That being said, people can change and she may be someone you could be very happy with. Most people aren't very comfortable with the idea of being with a transgender person and that is to be expected, sexuality is one of the most conservative areas for many people for obvious reasons, and the idea of a transgender person is new and unnatural(not necessarily in a bad way though) and most people have little to no exposure to it so it's hard to feel comfortable with. If you do end up hanging out as friends try and be open, it can't hurt because regardless of how open you are that doesn't mean you won't do anything you don't want to, it just means you won't not do something that you do want to do. You might miss out on something great if you aren't.   Just my 2 cents
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