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  1. I'm only half way through but I just had to scroll down and comment, Great article! I've been looking for something exactly like this because I want to make an ecs in java for my next game and couldn't find any good resources on how to actually implement one. Even though this is in c++ it's very easy to translate over to java with a few minor changes.   Before I understood what an ecs was and why I wanted to use one, but I was really foggy on how to actually implement one. I'm halfway through the article and I already feel like it's cleared away the fog and I can finally see the structure clearly enough that I could put it into code
  2. I'm trying to teach myself how to make half decent 2d graphics for my video game projects and right now I'm deciding whether I want to focus on raster or vector graphics. I want to hear peoples input but I'm also going to give vector graphics a try because I've never made vector art before and I want to get a feel for it.   so first off what vector graphics program would you recommend? Is there any standard software that is used for vector game art(flash maybe?) or does anyone want to recommend one that is good for making 2d graphics/animations? Right now I'm planning on using flash because I want learn actionscript and whatnot eventually anyway so I might as well get familiar with the software, unless anyone thinks flash isn't suitable for my needs for some reason.     Like I said I also want to get some peoples input on using vector graphics instead of raster for my android games. I'm not actually planning on rendering vectors in my game but just creating the graphics and animations with a vector program and saving them as .png. The reasons I'm considering vectors are because it looks somewhat easier for a non-artist like myself and because it would make animations much easier and less time consuming. I want to have half decent graphics in my game and I plan on investing a lot of time into improving my 2d art skills but I don't want to be spending weeks/months creating graphics for each game I make. I may be wrong but from the few tutorials I skimmed over on vector graphics it looked like it was pretty quick/easy.   alright thanks for reading my post if you have any advice to offer me please reply
  3. Moe091

    Can I learn to make quality programmer art?

    EDIT: I almost forgot, I wanted to ask if anyone could recommend me some really good looking 2d games, I want to look at a few high-end examples of both regular pixel art and vector art, to use as reference/inspiration and to help me decide which would suit my game better     I was actually going to ask about the vector art. I don't really know anything about it but i remember reading a tutorial before about creating a vector art helicopter for some reason and it looked pretty easy. Thanks for the suggestions I'm definitely gonna give that a go.   I also like the idea of using some really good pixel art from other 2d games as reference and making my own sprites but adopting as much as I can from the professional sprites. I'll give that a try to and see what gives me better results.   Do you think there's any chance that I could learn to make some quality 'programmer music'? Or am I pushing it a little bit by trying to do that myself too? I don't have much musical knowledge at all but unlike art it is something that I'm definitely naturally good at. I never learned an instrument(i played guitar for a short time when I was younger but it's hardly even worth mentioning because I never really learned much) but I do have a midi keyboard(people usually use keyboards to make game music right? or do they make it completely on the computer with a program like ableton live or fruity loops?) and I mess around with it a lot and can make some decent sounding tunes. I feel like if I put some time into it I could make something acceptable. I'm somewhat familiar with ableton to but I find it harder to make anything that sounds good with that, I could probably make some sound effects tho.   I realize it's probably not the best idea to try and do EVERYTHING myself but it is really hard to find people to work with that don't disappear within a week, I'm hoping after I finish a nice polished game that proves I'm a capable programmer I'll be able to find some more reliable and experienced partners to work with. Does anyone have any other ideas  they want to share about how I can manage to make a half decent game with my current resources/abilities? The only things I have going for me are that I have a ton of time to dedicate to coding over the next few months and that I already know everything I need to code an android game.   Sorry im kind of derailing my own thread but I already got some good answers to my question, and I like to squeeze every bit advice I can out of my threads   thanks for the helpful replies btw
  4. I'm finally starting to get more serious with my game development now that I have time and my programming ability won't hold me back anymore.   I wanna create a small but fun and very polished mobile game, I'm pretty familiar with android and opengl es and everything I need to program the game, that part isn't a problem at all. but I can't afford to pay an artist and I don't know any artists willing to team up and make a game together with me(but I am still looking for one  if you are a talented pixel artist and want your game idea brought to life send me a pm) so it looks like I'm going to be relying on programmer art.    In general, I'm not terrible at art. I'm definitely not good at it either, but I am willing to invest tons of time/effort into learning pixel art if it means I'll eventually be able to create professional looking graphics. It seems to me(correct me if I'm wrong) that pixel art is more of something that can be learned than something that you need to be naturally adept at. So although natural talent will obviously give some people an advantage I believe someone like me can learn to create quality pixel art if they put the time into it.   So I guess the point of this post is to get peoples opinions on whether or not a regular old programmer with no notable artistic ability like me can learn how to create quality pixel art using tutorials and various online resources. I'd also like to get peoples opinions on about how long it'd take someone like me can start from nothing and learn to create pixel art of acceptable quality(as in good enough so that the art doesn't turn people away from my game or ruin the experience).   I'd also be grateful for any tips or ideas on creating good looking programmer art.    And I'm still open to the idea of working with an artist, I decided not to waste my time trying to find a good artist who will work on my idea with no upfront pay and no guarantee of making any money from sales. However if there is a skilled artist that is kinda in my situation but reversed(having a game idea you want to make but not being able to program it) contact me and we may be able to work something out .     that is all, thanks for reading through my long post
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