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  1. I know from the experience of watching my father working in engineering well into hes late 40s before pursuing hes passion and starting up hes own business building and selling custom motor bikes and being a lot happier when he did that.   That's my problem after fours years of hard work panic attacks when it comes to assignment deadlines and getting past those( closed booked programming exams always the hardest part of Uni)seeing other students ripping up their exam papers and walking out due to the pressure, watching my friends who did not choose to go to uni, going out all the time and having more fun/money whilst I'm stuck in my room studying head in my programming books(my favorite book is still the first one i bought second hand from amazon "C++ A Beginner's Guide by Herbert Schildt" a fantastic book, whilst working shitty part-time jobs for little money then at the end knowing I've got to pay off my student dept over the next 15 years.   I kinda thought I'd be more elated that i passed my degree but maybe I'm just being cynical and that's why i want to make sure i get the role I truly are passionate about straight away.... 
  2. Thanks for the advice guys i'll take it on board  :D, maybe i should have made a post "It look me until my second year at Uni before i realized I wanted to take a different direction now i have to spend the rest of my working life in an area I like but I'm not passionate about".  
  3. I probably didn't get the question across as a should have done meaning would my work look better if I showed it in UE4 than Unity as I'm currently creating a City landscape in Maya and will be adding several characters iv'e created in ZBrush and rigged/animated in Maya.
  4. Thanks for the advice Josh but my main problem was during my second year at Uni I realized that I was a lot more passionate about the 3D modelling side and it really hit me during a group project when the level artist/designer (decided not to show up after the third week of the module) so I took on the role as well as being the mechanics programmer, I enjoyed the art side much more than the programming(my degree was about 80% programming) so I'm trying to "show off" my 3D modelling skill set more. As i recently found out at an interview for a small software company I was successful at the first stage interview and with the programming task i was given, then when I was asked back for the second stage interview It quickly became apparent to them that I was much more passionate about the 3D modelling side of games development and subsequently in the feedback I got from the company as the reason why i did not get the job.   
  5. Hi,   I have just graduated from University with a Bsc(Hons)Computer Science(Games Development)Degree about a month ago and I've been working on another Demo project(creating hopefully my best environment assets using Maya, mudbox and ZBrush). I have two Demos of my work on my portfolio website but they are both shown in Unity with C# scripting. Below is what i'm looking to achieve in my demo.    e.g.   Having several cameras following a character i created walking around the game environment to show hopefully to game dev companies I'm worth employing, I was kinda thinking maybe I should swat up on UE4 (and my C++ coding)even though I have not used that IDE before because it will look better(as I have put a lot of time into it and want it to look as professional as possible) and show i can be flexible.   Any feedback would be appreciated good or bad....   Kind Regards,   Carl    
  6. Hi guys/girls,          Just wanted to start a discussion about the importance or relevance of the choice you make for your final year project at University, I am a final year student studying for a Bsc(Hons)computer science(Games Development) Degree, and was looking into using the Oculus Rift with the latest version of Unity to basically push myself into a relatively new and growing area of games development.                My concerns and thoughts are as follows:          Just stick to what i know and have learned already and improve on them to produce a higher grade game at the end.              Putting aside the media hype about VR is it a real world choice for graduates to pursue and have a successful career.          Spending a large chunk of my maintenance grant on buying the developers version of Oculus Rift (about £350)and then living off beans for the next 9 months.          I have coded several simple games whilst at Uni ranging from C++, javaScript and C#, here is a link to one scripted in c# in Unity so you can take a look and probably chuckle at the mistakes in it:    feedback welcomed good or bad.   Regards,   carl
  7. Hi in need of some advice.   I've just finished my 1st year at uni studying computer science(games development) degree, whilst i've learnt a lot and created a couple of simple games one was a web app space shooter with java script, and the other a mobile phone app paper scissor stones game using MIT software. Do i create a website to post my assignments i've done to show what i can do and ask other indie devs to maybe join in and create a game together and maybe post it to game companies to try and get a job in the games industry. Or do i keep working on my coding and game development and keep my head down for another year as i might be jumping the gun to soon.   kind regards   carl reeves. 
  8. Ok cheers guys thanks for the feedback.
  9. Just finished my first year at uni (computer science degree(game development))  I was coding a simple tank game in XNA game studion 4.0, got as far as it levels up, start- finnish screen several differnt types of enemies, just the  basic elements.Then took nine months of to concentrate on uni, come back to it as i can try and complete it before september when uni starts again then to my horror i find out microsoft have pulled the plug on XNA game studio. Whats the best thing i should do as im comfortable coding in c# with XNA and my game is only half finished, any suggestions would be appreciated.   kind regards     carl reeves.
  10. CockRoach

    Best Way forward into game development

    Ok thanks for the advice tom will carry on coding my game until its finished then see what people think of it and go from there.
  11. hi just need some advice on how to get into game development, i've been self teaching C++ and now C# in XNA game studio for the past 2 years i'm currently coding my own game its got the basics: (start, Finish,enemies,player lives,hit points, levels increasing in difficulty, etc),i've pretty much finnished most of the logic of the game although need to smarten up the graphics and level design will take me about 12/24 months to finnish. I cannot go to college full time as i have a house and kids the usual stuff to pay for: So do i carry on and hope in years to come i can release my indie game and hope i would get a job offer or do i go for a distance learning course at traintogame and pay out about £5000 only to realise the qualification is'nt reconised in the game indusry?, at the moment i put in about 20 hours a week on my coding. just need some helpful advice from people who know more about it than myself.
  12. CockRoach

    Need sound effects in wav format

    cheers m8 will take a look
  13. Hi i've been studying c/c++ for 2 years and over the last year c#, i'm currently working on a game i've been developing in C# in XNA game studio as its a lot easier to get to grips with than C++. Im now at the stage where i need 2 b adding sound effects to my game as most of the game logic is done, i recon another 12/24 months and ill b able 2 register as an indie gamer and release the game in the indie section on the xbox (hopefully), my problem is the amount of work that is involved is huge as i currently have a full time job, i dont know much about sound files ive coded a soundmanager class 4 my game i just need sound effects in the .wav format: the sort of effects i need is rocket, laser, player death, game over, background etc. if u have any or know i can get them i would appreciate it and would put u in the credits when i complete the game, or would like to help me with this project just post a reply. thanks carl reeves ;)
  14. need to add sound effects to my game
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