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  1. LibGDX seems nice. But I still don't know. It runs on .NET but it's Java? What is this sorcery.
  2. I never said I didn't understand how pointers work, but for me it's a hassle that increases the time until I see any progress on my game, so I want something easier but powerful to begin with. If I indeed decided to go with C++, what library should I go for?
  3. Alright, let me rephrase it. I don't want to deal with pointers just yet. And even if I did, I still don't know what library to go for.
  4. So far I have my eyes on jMonkeyEngine because it seems both easy and powerful (and works on Lee-Nukes), but, is there anything else? I'm trying to avoid C++ for now as I am a beginner >.> Also, the game isn't first person, it's more a top-down strategy view only, so if that changes anything..
  5. ..And I can't find anything relevant.. Like how should a general JS skeleton look like? Are there any good libraries to use? How can I import maps made in Tiled to a canvas-based game? I know it's a lot of questions and little detail but JS/HTML5 in general confuses me as of now so I'd like some clarification if possible please. Thank you!
  6. argoneus

    How viable is Java for GameDev?

    I see. How is Slick2D?
  7. Hi, I'm trying to work on a topdown tile-based multiplayer RPG (not a MMO though, separated 'rooms'), but I pretty much died at language selection. I tried using C++ w/ SFML but it felt like doing too much to accomplish little. Then I tried C#/XNA, but since I'm on Linux, it didn't really work out since MonoGame feels more like a tool for porting games made in actual Visual Studio XNA. So now I was considering the middle way, Java. But my experience with Java in terms of games (from a few years ago) is that it's slow, bloaty, crash-prone and doesn't run on a lot of computers natively. So my questions: 1, Is Java today comparable to SFML / XNA? 2, How is the speed of development and user-accesibility compared to the latter? Thank you!
  8. argoneus

    Please give me some basic pointers

    Wow. Just wow.
  9. Hi, I'm fairly new to game development but it's what I want to do once (18 yo) and I need some basic help please. I started learning programming in general a while ago and I'd say I'm somewhat a-okay in C++ (I understand the basic concepts) and trying to learn others like Python or Perl as well. I also prefer opensource/multiplatform stuff (being a Linux dev), so things like C#/XNA are out of the way. Here's what I'd like to ask: I wanted to make a pet project of mine, a game similar to another game called 'Space Station 13'. It's a top-down tile-based game so I thought it would be fine for a start if I want to invest time in it and learn from it. The problem is: I'm not sure what languages / frameworks are currently 'in' so I'm basing it on C++/SFML/OGL. Is there any better choice, some tips, books or just things in general I should know? Thanks a lot!
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