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  1. Book for platform games

    The beginning java game programming is great for basic topics , it taught all you need to make a game. I would recommend it for beginners, but I read it already so I wanna learn more specific topics. Thanks for the second reply, I am reading it right now. However the language is kinda weird to me. I like the topics it teaches tough. Please keep any recommendation or articles comming thanks .
  2. Hello guys, I want to ask for a favor from you guys. I want to make a side scrolling platform games, and I am looking for a book that can clearly explain the concepts and techniques in order to implement one in java, because I know java the best. Concepts like tiling, parallax scrolling, collision between character and ground, ladder, slope, only rendering the visible world, just the ones that came to mind. I did my research and actually checked out some of the books I found, such as "killer game programming in java," "beginning java game programming," and some other java related game programming books. These books kinda explain side scrolling games, especially the killer one, but again, it is not detailed about the techniques I stated earlier. It is best if the books are in java, but any other c-based language is fine. But for some reason, I don't want any flash games or rpg maker. Please help me out or any other newbie that wants to learn the same thing.
  3. Thanks Frob, do you have advice on the collision detection system, and on the shape transformation system?
  4. Hi community. The summer is here for me, and I am going to college next year. I will be majoring in Computer Science. I want to accomplish something this summber, so I decided to make a classic game, tetris. I know the basics of game programming, and I choose C# and XNA to make the game. I don't want to watch tutorials and follow the instructions to make a game, so I want to know the concepts I need in order to make a tetris game. Then i will learn what I need, and hopefully I can create a game. Any advice is welcomed and appreciated, thanks.